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In 1912, the seating capacity was 35,000.

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Q: What is Fenway Park's original seating capacity?
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Officially Oakland Coliseum @ 35,067,. However, the Athletics share the park with their NFL counterpart, i.e. Raiders. Accordingly,seating capacity can be substanially increased to accomodate situations such as playoff & world series games. Thus, the lowest seating capacity of all dedicated baseball parks in MLB is Kauffman Stadium @ 38,177, home of the Kansas City Royals. * For NFL games, Oakland Coliseum seats 63,000.

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The Green Monster is the left field fence in Boston's Fenway Park. Because the park was built between city streets, the left field wall is closer to home plate than it is in other parks. To compensate, the left field fence was built quite high. This only partially compensates, and it's still generally easier to hit home runs to left in Fenway than in other parks.

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