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Q: What is Ernie Banks nationality?
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Is ernie banks alive?

ernie banks # 15 ?

Is Ernie banks dead?

No, Ernie Banks is not dead.

What is the birth name of Ernie Banks?

Ernie Banks's birth name is Ernest Banks.

How tall is Ernie banks?

Ernie Banks' height was 6'1.''

Ernie banks player number?

Ernie Banks wore #14.

When was Ernie Banks born?

Ernie Banks was born on January 31, 1931.

What is Ernie Banks's birthday?

Ernie Banks was born on January 31, 1931.

What nicknames does Ernie Banks go by?

Ernie Banks goes by Mr. Cub.

What is Ernie Banks nickname?

Ernie Banks nickname is "Mr. Cub"

How many hits did Ernie banks have in 1972?

Ernie Banks last season was 1971.

Who inspired Ernie Banks?

ernie banks was inspired by mr. sunshine which of who gave him the nickname of nick

How many hits did Ernie banks get?

Ernie Banks ended his career with 2,583 base hits.

How many home runs did Ernie banks hit?

Ernie Banks hit 512 home runs in his career.

When and where was baseball player Ernie Banks born?

Ernie Banks was born January 31, 1931, in Dallas, TX, USA.

What is DJ Ernie D's nationality?

He is Hispanic.

How many doubles did Ernie Banks hit in the major leagues?

Ernie Banks hit 407 doubles in his MLB career (1953-1971).

Did Ernie Banks go to school as a kid?

Ernie Banks graduated from Booker T. Washington high school in Dallas, Texas in 1950.

How old is Ernie Banks?

Ernie Banks was 83 years old when he died on January 23, 2015 (born January 31, 1931).

Why is Ernie banks important?

Ernie Banks was a star for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. He is often refered to as "Mr. Cub".

When did baseball player Ernie Banks play?

Ernie Banks debuted on September 17, 1953 and played his final game on September 26, 1971.

Who is known as mr.cub?

Ernie Banks

How many games did Ernie Banks play for the Chicago Cubs?

From 1953-1971, Ernie Banks played in 2,528 games for the Chicago Cubs.

How old are Ernie banks children?

Earnie Banks Children are 52 and 53

What is Ernie banks famous for?

Ernest "Ernie" Banks is famous for playing as shortstop and first baseman for the MLB team the Chicago Cubs from 1953 to 1971.

Who was known as 'Mr. Cub'?

Ernie Banks