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Eric Staal is number 12 on the Carolina Hurricanes.

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Q: What is Eric Staal's number on the Carolina Hurricanes?
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Who is the captin of the North Carolina hurricanes?

Eric Stall

Who is the Hurricanes captian?

Eric Staal, the oldest of the Staal brothers, is captain of the Carolina Hurricanes.

What NHL team does Eric Staal play for?

Eric Staal plays for the Carolina Hurricanes.

What position does Eric Staal play?

Eric Staal plays center for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Who is the most famous player for the Carolina Hurricanes?

On the current Hurricanes, it would probably be Eric Staal, or perhaps young Jeff Skinner.

What is Eric Staal Best known for?

Eric Craig Staal is Best known for playing ice hockey. He is a Canadian ice hockey player and the captain of the Carolina Hurricanes of the National Hockey League.

What are Jordan staal's bothers name?

Jared (AHL player, drafted by Pheonix), Marc (D, NY Rangers), Eric (F, Carolina Hurricanes)

Who is the captain of the Hurricanes?

Eric Staal, since 2010

How many staal brothers are there?

There are 3 staal brothers. 1. Jordan staal-play for the Pittsburgh Penguins 2. Marc Staal- plays for the NY Rangers 3. Eric Stall- play for the Carolina Hurricanes

Famous number 12 in hockey?

Yvan Cournoyer Some current NHL stars wearing number 12: * Jarome Iginla - Calgary Flames * Eric Staal - Carolina Hurricanes * Olli Jokinen - Florida Panthers * Brian Rolston - Minnesota Wild * Simon Gagne - Philadelphia Flyers * Patrick Marleau - San Jose Sharks

When was Eric Rauschenberg born?

Eric Rauschenberg was born in Winston Salem, in North Carolina, USA.

What number was Eric dickerson?

Eric Dickerson's number is 29.

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