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Q: What is England's official sport?
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Related questions

What is Englands national sport?

Cricket is England's national sport.

What is englands natinonal sport?


Whats Englands national sport?

Cricket is England's national sport.

What is englands main sport?


What is Englands favorite sport?

England's most popular participant sport is fishing (if you class fishing as a sport).. The most popular spectator sport is probably football.

What is englands official languages?

You might me surprised to know that it is English!

What is the official sport of Canada?

Hockey is the official sport of Canada.

What is englands official religion in 1060?

Christianity and Islam were the two main religions in 1060.

When is the queen of englands official birthday?

The Queen of England's official birthday varies between the end of May to the beginning of June.

Does Alaska have dog mushing as its official state sport?

Mushing is the Official Sport of Alaska.

Why is hockey an official sport?

In countries where some form of hockey is an official sport of that country, it is because (that form of) hockey is so popular and well established, just like for any official sport.

What is the official sport of the state of the state of Alaska?

Mostly dog sleding. The Official Sport of Alaska is Mushing.

What is the official sport of Indonesia?

Badminton is the official sport of Indonesia. Indonesia has won a Gold medal since the sport was first introduced in the Olympic Games.

What is Englands state flower?

England has two state flowers. One is official; the other is unofficial. The official one is the Tudor rose. The unofficial rose is the red rose.

What is Jamaica's favorite sport?

The official sport is cricket.

Official sport of Barbados?

the main sport is vollyball

What is Alaska's official Sport?

The official sport of Alaska is Dog Mushing. Dog Mushing was designated the officail sport of Alaska in 1972. In April 2010 Alaska recognized the Alaskan Malamute as the official state dog most likely because its used in the sport.

What was Englands first language?

England's first official language as a land was Latin, when in was conquered by the Romans.

What is Canada's official Summer Sport?

Its official sport WAS lacrosse. Sorry dont know the summer one.

What is official national sport of Bulgaria?

There is no official national sport in Bulgaria. The two most famous sports are football and volleyball.

What is Serbia's official national sport?

well, I'm from Serbia, and i think we don't have a official national sport... were good at everything :)

What year was curling entered into the Olympics as an official sport?

Curling became on official Olympics sport in 1998 (Nagano). Curling appeared in the Olympics a few times before that: as an official sport in 1924 (although only 3 teams played), and as a demonstration sport a handful of times in between.

In Canada what is a special game they play?

Lacrosse is the official sport of Canada. Ice Hockey is the official winter sport of Canada

What is the official sport of Argentina?

Argentina's national sport is Pato. Their most popular sport is soccer (football).

What species is Wyoming's state sport?

Wyoming's official state sport is Rodeo.