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England's national team is called 'England' - plain and simple ! Just as the teams of most other countries carry their names !

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Q: What is England's football team called?
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Who is the englan team football captain?

Rio Ferdinand is englands football team captain!

Who was the greatest manager of englands football team?

alf ramsey

How many titles has englands football team ever won?

1 world cup

What is the name of englands football stadium?

Wembley Stadium

What is englands main sport?


Englands football league winners in 1998arsenal?

It was Arsenal.

When was englands team founded?

Google it dumb***

What is the new zealand football team called?

The New Zealand football team are called nicknamed the "All Whites".

What football team was called Washington's fisher goes wild?

what football team was called washington's fisher

What football team are the best?

in England there is a football/soccer team called Liverpool. THEY ARE THE BEST.

What is the names of the Italian football team?

The Italian football team is called the Azzuries The Blues.

What logo is a circle with a lion?

englands football kit logo

Who is englands football squad number 5?

Rio ferdinand

Does Ashford university have a football team?

Ashford University does not have a football team. According to the Ashford University store, they have a football team, they are called "Saints"

What football team is called the American team?

Dallas Cowboys

What is the name of englands soccer team?

The Three Lions

Who is the captain of englands cricket team?

Andrew Strauss

Which football team are called the canaries?

Norwich City Football Club

What is The Minnesota Football team called?


Does Namibia have a football team?

it is called Welwitscias

What are the players in a football team called?


What Is Missouri's Football Team Called?


What football team was called IOU's?


Which football team is called marine mammals?


What are a group of football players called?

A team.

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