What is Elizabeth Cambage?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Elizabeth Cambage is a Proffesional Australian Basketball in the Bullen Boomers. She is 203cm tall which is tall for basketball too. Elizabeth Cambage is an amazing player and personally my role model.

check her out on some basketball sites and you will find her;

thank you for taking intrest in this question (:

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Q: What is Elizabeth Cambage?
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Does Elizabeth Cambage have a boyfriend?


Is Elizabeth Cambage Afro-American?

No. Born in London UK, Her father is a Nigerian.

When was Liz Cambage born?

Liz Cambage was born on 1991-08-18.

When did Richard Hind Cambage die?

Richard Hind Cambage died in 1958.

When was Richard Hind Cambage born?

Richard Hind Cambage was born in 1859.

Does Liz cambage have a boy friend?


How many medals did Liz cambage win?


How many medals has Liz cambage won?


What does Liz Cambage do when not playing basketball?

Eats vitamins and veggies!

Where does the name cambage come from?

It is an old French name. It means "place where beer is made"

Where was Liz Cambage born?

Liz Cambage the Australian who plays in the Chinese womens basketball legue for Tulsa was born on Aug 18 1991 in London. Her father was Nigerian and her mother Australian. She moved to Australia when just 3 months old with her mother.

Where does Elizabeth Cambage live?

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