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Q: What is Eli Manning career wins and losses?
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How Many Fourth quarter comeback wins does Eli Manning have?

18 career comebacks

How many TDs has Eli Manning thrown in career?


How many wins does Eli Manning have in the playoffs?

eli manning is 4-3 in the playoffs, which includes a superbowl win

Who has more pro wins Michael Vick or Eli Manning?

Michael Vick

What QB has the most come from behind wins in super bowl?

Eli Manning has 2.

How many super bowl wins Eli Manning?

He won 2 super bowls

Who was the mvp for the giants superbowl wins?

Phil Simms, Otis Anderson, and Eli Manning.

Who is older Eli or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning is older then Eli Manning. Peyton is Eli's older brother.

Super bowl QB with 2 wins?

Bart Starr Terry Bradshaw

Is wade manning the father of Eli and Peyton Manning?

no the father on Eli and Peyton Manning is Archie Manning

Who throws the most interceptions in the NFL 2010?

Eli Manning of the New York Giants. As of 4:40 on December 26, 2010 Eli Manning has 109 Interceptions in the 2010 season. (108 in his career)

Who is better Eli Manning or Mathew Stafford?

Eli Manning