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It's soccer played in The Netherlands.

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Q: What is Dutch soccer?
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Related questions

How do you spell soccer in dutch?

Soccer = voetbal

Who is the best dutch soccer player in the world?

AnswerBest Dutch soccer player ever; Johan CruyffBest Dutch soccer player at present; Depends whom you ask.

How do you write football in Dutch?

'Football' or 'soccer' is in Dutch 'voetbal'.

What was the name of the dutch soccer player sunglasses?

Edgar Davids.

What is the Dutch 'Totaal voetbal' in English?

'Total soccer' is an English equivalent of 'Totaal voetbal'. But it's not a word actually, it's the title of a soccer magazine.

What does KNVB stand for on Holland?

Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbal Bond (Royal Dutch Soccer Association)

Why is soccer so popular in south africa?

It was colonized by Dutch, English and German people. All of these countries are huge soccer countries and undoubtedly brought the sport with them

How many soccer fans in the Netherlands?

when the dutch team plays a important match, probably as many as there are residents

What soccer team play at Philips Stadion?

The Dutch giants P.S.V Eindhoven play at the Philips stadium.

How do you spell football in dutch?

Football as in soccer is called voetbal Football as in American Football is called American Football

When was Petra Hogewoning born?

Petra Hogewoning was born on March 26, 1986. She is a retired Dutch soccer player.

Who is the Best Dutch Soccer player?

Right Now In 2010 The Top 3 Players Are #1. Wesley Sneijder #2. Arjen Robben #3. Van der vaart The Best Soccer Players In The Dutch History Are #1. Johan Cruyf (The 2nd best player in the soccer History) #2. Dennis Bergkamp #3. Marco Van Basten --Marteas

Why is the Holland soccer jersey orange?

it is in reference to the dutch founding father William of orange-nassau coat of arms which had orange on it

How long is a Dutch Eredivisie Match?

A Dutch Eredivise match in soccer is 90 minutes. 45/45. Of course it's possible that there's coming some extra time because of injury's and stuff.

What sports do dutch people like to play?

The most played sport is soccer. Also popular are tennis, cycling, and ice-skating.

Which soccer players of south Africa has won a gold champions league medal?

It is Kanu of Nigeria, who played for the Dutch team Ajax.

What Is the motto of the Netherlands soccer team?

KNVB means royal dutch football union in it's English translation.

What colleges have good soccer camps?

If you're like me in northeast Ohio, some colleges with decent camps are akron and Toledo, but i still like going to other camps like the Midwest soccer academy in oberlin or "the dutch touch".

What are the top 10 highest paid soccer leagues?

In no order: English Italian Spanish French Russian German Portuguese American Brazilian Dutch

What is the sexual orientation of Arjen Robben?

Arjen Robben, the Dutch soccer player, is straight. He is also married to Bernadien Eillert.

What are some hobbies from Switzerland?

When Switzerland was formed in 1762 by the Dutch, the Dutch brought many things that still influence the culture today. The Dutch brought many things like food and song. The Dutch who colonized present day Switzerland introduced soccer to the natives. The most popular pass time the Dutch had was/and still is the Double Dutch Rudder, it involves lots of strenuous activity, but it also gives great satisfaction when completed. The Dutch also brought Lefsa to the new country, it was considered a poor person food, but now it is considered a delicacy.

What are some travel soccer or just soccer teams in Ohio?

The Columbus Crew are an MLS team in Ohio. In the 2nd division (USL) are the Cincinnati Kings and Cleveland City Stars, and the Dayton Dutch Lions are in the USL Premier Development League.

What is hollands soccer teams nickname?

Oranje. That's Dutch for 'orange', in case you hadn't guessed, which is the colour they play in and with which the country is closely associated with throughout history.

Is the Flying Dutchman the nickname of the Netherlands Soccer Team?

No, the Flying Dutchman is a story about a dutch shipcaptain who became together with his ship and crew a ghostship that haunts the seas.

What is the Dutch 'Kleine Generaal' in English?

'Little General' is an English equivalent of 'Kleine Generaal'.One of the phrases most endearing uses is as one of the nicknames for famed Dutch professional soccer player Wesley Benjamin Sneijder [b. June 9, 1984].