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Duke's NCAA Basketball conference is the Atlantic Coast Conference.

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Q: What is Duke's NCAA basketball conference?
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What is Xaviers NCAA basketball conference?

The Big East

What NCAA conference has the most tournaments wins in basketball?


What actors and actresses appeared in Big West Conference NCAA Basketball - 2003?

The cast of Big West Conference NCAA Basketball - 2003 includes: Dan Hubbard as Announcer Randy Rosenbloom as Announcer

What are the release dates for Big West Conference NCAA Basketball - 2003?

Big West Conference NCAA Basketball - 2003 was released on: USA: 7 January 2003 (Los Angeles, California)

What school has the most men's NCAA basketball conference championships?


What conference is Wichita State in the 2012 NCAA basketball tournament?

Wichita State is in the Missouri Valley Conference. They were listed as being in the South Regional in the 2012 NCAA tournament.

What conference has won the most NCAA mens basketball championships?

Pac 10

What conference has the most ncaa basketball championship game appearances?

the pac-10

Is money rewarded to conference for NCAA men basketball births?

Yes........ $1,250,079.61

What NCAA basketball conference has the most players in the nba?

the acc has the most nba players.

What is the most teams ever sent to the NCAA basketball tournament by one conference?

The record is 11 teams. The Big East conference sent 11 teams to the NCAA Tournament in 2011.

Is Purdue in any NCAA conference?

Every college basketball team is part of a conference. Purdue is included. Purdue is part of the Big 10.

Which conference has the most NCAA final four basketball appearances since 1980?

big ten

Which conference has the most NCAA final four basketball appearances in the past 20 years?

Big east

How many teams did each conference get into the NCAA basketball tournament?

The winner of each conference championship gets an automatic bid. All the rest is picked by the committee. There is no rigid quota saying that how many from each conference can .

What college basketball conference does Massachusetts belong to?

There are many colleges in Massachusetts. However, the college of Massachusetts State belongs to the Division II conference when competing in NCAA sports.

What NCAA football conference is the youngest?

The Mountain West is the youngest conference in the NCAA Forming in 1999

What is the worst conference record for a team receiving an at-large bid to the NCAA men's basketball tournament?

Florida St. was selected as an at-large with a 6-10 conference record in 1998.

What is the cheapest NCAA stadium for basketball?

NCAA basketball is not played in stadiums.

When was the three point line put in to college basketball?

The NCAA's Southern Conference became the first collegiate conference to use the three-point rule, adopting a 22-foot line in 1980

What conference has the highest rpi rating in NCAA men's basketball?

As of Today, Sunday, the Mountain West Conference is the hardest MWC, followed by the Big Ten.

How many major conferences are there in the NCAA?

It depends on the sport you are talking about and the division. A conference like the Missouri Valley Conference that could be considered a major basketball conference, wouldn't be considered one in football. A basketball mid-major like the Colonial Athletic Association is a major football conference, but in FCS (former D1AA) where they're the FCS version of say the SEC.

What NCAA men's basketball team has the longest non-conference home winning streak?

As of 12-20-12, it is Duke with 100 straight.

Did any NCAA mens basketball team won national championship that did not win their conference tournament?

The University of North Carolina did it in 1993 and 2005.

What ranks can get into the NCAA Basketball tournament?

All ranks. Teams that win their conference get into the tournament. Example: Vermont got into the tournament by winning their division.