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indian, italian or chinesse

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Q: What is David Beckham's favourite tv program?
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What is chris hoy's favourite television program?

ben 10

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What is Justin Bieber's favourite tv program?

the favorite tv program pf Justin bieber is smallville i think..

What is a sentence with the word program in it?

The program on the TV was very interesting.I learn't a lot from the program I watched yesterday.Did you see the program on TV on Monday?My favourite program is Animal Planet.

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First you have to think about what you like about the programme and why you watch it. Also why is it your favourite, how is it better than other TV programmes? You could also say who your favourite character is and why there your favourite. This should help!

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Im not 100% sure if its his favorite but, in an interview he was asked which tv program was the greates invented or something like that and he said The Office(UK version), so I think that it is probably his favorite tv program

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Fy hoff raglen deledu ydy "X Factor"

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im not sure but i think she likes Tracy beaker, though it might not be her favourite programme

When did 'Don't ask me' Yorkshire science programme by Magnus Pyke air on TV?

The program ran from 1974 to 1978 - it was a favourite of mine when I was a child.