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Q: What is Daniel vettori's son called?
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How do you say Daniel son in Japanese?

"Daniel's son" would be ダニエルの息子 (DANIEL no musuko).

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No Daniel Cook is not Dane Cooks son. He doesn't have any children.

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His son is named Jamie.

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BOB !Son who died was Daniel. Son alive is Arthur

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At first it seems that Daniel was her son, but tests prove that Arthur is her son.

Does Daniel have children?

Handler is married to a woman called Lisa Brown, and they have a son named Otto. He was born around the Halloween in the 2003.

What surname means son of Daniel?


What is Julian Assange's son's name?

Julian Assange's son's name is Daniel Assange.

Does Daniel Radcliffe have a son?

Daniel has three younger brothers so that makes him the eldest

Did Daniel Boone have a son named Israel?


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