What is Dangerous Powers Paintball?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Dangerous Powers (DP) is a mid to pro level paintball manufacturer. Their mid level marker is the E-1. Their High to pro level markers are the G5 and Elite. They also have a woodsball series, the M3-A1

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Dangerous Power Paintball is a company that boasts to make "Super guns without the Super price". They are responsible for the G3, Rev-I, Threshold, and Fusion series.

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Q: What is Dangerous Powers Paintball?
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What company is the g4 paintball gun made by?

Dangerous Powers

What is a 45 paintball frame?

It is a style of shape of frame that fits .45 grip panels. An Example of these are The Dangerous powers G3 and G4.

What is the most recognized speedball paintball gun?

Smart Parts Ion, Dangerous Powers G3, proto Slg, and Invert Mini, are the most common speed ball guns.

Are all dangerous power fusion fx paintball markers electric?


Is the dangeres powers fx fution a bad paintball gun?

No, it is a decent marker with quality parts.

What paintballs should you use for a dangerous power g3 paintball gun?

any .68 caliber will work, really though go to a paintball shop, anything from a store that is not paintball specific will be pretty bad paint that has been sitting there for months

What should I get for a paintball gun I like Etek 3 LT but is there any gun better at same price?

At that price there is only the Proto 2011 and the dangerous powers FX. If you want a spool valve gun, go with the proto, but I believe the ETEK is the best choice.

Will the dangerous power g3 paintball marker accept compressed air?

Yes! in fact, it will not work on CO2 at all.

Are paintball guns dangerous if so why?

Paintball guns are only dangerous if used improperly and if improper protection measures are used. Be sure to use a barrel plug or barrel bag/sock (sometimes called a "barrel condom") when you don't have a mask on (and in areas that that prohibit the discharge of a paintball marker) to prevent accidental discharge, and to use a mask that is specifically designed for paintball (generally they are full-face masks and the lens are ballistic rated for at least ANSI Z87). Also, don't do anything that could result in someone or something getting hurt. Paintball is perfectly safe if you take the right measures to keep it that way.

Is paintball dangerous in any way?

The only real dangers in paintball are when masks are not worn, and injuries associated with any sport. If you have the proper face protection on, the only way paintball is dangerous is if you slipped and fell on the field which could break bones potentially. Paintballs themselves, even at point blank range, properly chronographed guns can only break the skin and leave a welt, which should disappear in a few days, especially on younger players. Hits from regular-long engagement lenght will leave only a small red ring, or larger red area. It is a misconception that freezing paintballs will turn them into dangerous solids, this is simply not true. When paintballs are frozen, the shell becomes extremely brittle, and will break inside their gun or on you, causing less pain, as the slightly more viscus paint hits you.

Are paintball gun dangerous?

no, it is as dangerous as a kitchen knife, in a chefs hands does nothing but cook, someone with the intent to harm however it can do some damage but even still does not have the ability to kill someone who turns away from the paintballs. wear a mask while playing and obey the field rules and paintball is one of the safest sports out there

Where can one find discounted paintball accessories?

One can find discounted paintball accessories from Just Paintball, Paintballing, Discount Paintball, Zephyr Paintball, Outpost Paintball, Paintball UK and Armed Paintball stores.