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Q: What is Dan marinos record against the buffall bills?
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What is the Jacksonville Jaguars record against Buffalo Bills?

The Jaguars are 3-5 against the Bills.

What is the bills record for the 09 season?

Currently the Bills record is 3-6 for the 2009 season.

Difference between bills purchase and bills discount?

Advances made against demand bills are bills purchased While those made against usance bills are bills discounted

Buffalo Bills record 1998?

In 1998 the Bills went 10-6.

How many AFC Championship games have the Buffalo Bills played?

The Buffalo Bills have played in 6 AFC championship games and have a 4-2 record in them. The Bills have had some quality years and a 4-2 record in a good one.

What were the Enforcement KKK Acts?

There was three bills that were passed against the KKK. The three bills were fight against the KKK, help blacks and kill them.

Congressional bills dealing with people's claims against the government are called?

private bills

Who keeps a record of all Congressional bills?

the bank usually keeps the records of all congressional bills. hope it helps!

Record of all congressional bills?

There are multiple sources that maintain a record of all congressional bills. The primary source is the official website of the United States Congress, which has a legislative database called It provides comprehensive information on bills, resolutions, and legislative activities. Additionally, there are other platforms, such as and, that also offer searchable databases of congressional bills.

What winning nfl qb holds the record for fewest completions in a single game?

Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos-2 of 8 against the Chiefs, Nov 2011 Derek Anderson, Cleveland Browns-2 of 17 against the Bills in Oct, 2009

Who has the best nfl preseason record in the past 5 years?


Ways the house votes on bills?

For, against or abstain