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His kit number was number 7.

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Q: What is Cristiano Ronaldo's kit number in Manchester United?
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What is Cristiano Ronaldos favorite number?

Number 7.

What Cristiano Ronaldos favorite number?


Cristiano Ronaldos mobile number?

647 741 2025

What is Cristiano Ronaldos uniform number?

his uniform number is 7 that is why they call his CR7

What number is Cristiano Ronaldo?

For Manchester United he was number 7. For Portugal he is number 17. For Real Madrid he is number 9

What number jersey did Cristiano Ronaldo play when he played for Manchester United?

When Christiano Ronaldo played for Manchester United he wore the jersey number 7 made famous by Eric Cantona and david beckham.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's lucky number?

He wears 7 for Manchester United and Portugal, so probably 7.

What is christano ronaldos number of his tee shirt?

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently wearing the number 9 shirt in the Real Madrid squad.

What number does critsiano ronaldo wear?

Cristiano Ronaldo currently wears No. 9 for Real Madrid. Before he wore No. 7 at Manchester United.

Who is number 2 in the Manchester United team?

As of now, there is no number 2 for Manchester United FC.

What number is Dimitar Berbatov for Manchester United?

Berbatov is playing with number 9 in Manchester United.

Who is number 11 in the Manchester united team?

Ryan giggs is number 11 for Manchester United F.C.

Who is Manchester United number 15?

Nemanja Vidic is Manchester United's number 15. He is a defender (in position).

Who wears number two at Manchester United?

Gary Neville wears the number two shirt at Manchester United.

Which players of Manchester United have wore jersey number 7?

Antonio Valencia, Michael Owen, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Eric Cantona, Bryan Robson and George Best have worn jersey number 7.

What number did Dwight yorke have at Manchester united?

Dwight Yorke wore No. 19 when he was at Manchester United.

Who wears number 4 shirt for Manchester United?

Owen Hargreaves currently wears the Number 4 Shirt at Manchester United.

Who wore the number 7 jersey before Cristiano Ronaldo In English Football International Football?

David Beckham wore the number 7 jersey before Ronaldo at Manchester United, Beckham wore the7 number jersey for England as well.

Who wears number 8 for Manchester united?

The person who wears number 8 for Manchester United Football Club is Anderson, an attacking midfielder.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo mobile number 2010?

07750976621 i herd him talking to someone in a Manchester restaurant and i got it:)

What famous soccer players wears 17?

Pedro - FC Barcelona Nani - Manchester United -Cristiano Ronaldo used to wear number 17 for the portuguese international team

What number did george best play in most for Manchester united?

George Best was a number 10 for the famous Manchester United. There's only one United by the way. And Glory Glory.

What are the total number of goals scored by Cristiano ronaldo for Manchester United?

the wikipedia answer is wrong ,ronaldo achieved the record of more than a hundred goals for man united and the wikipedia answer is 84 ,how is that possible...its surely above hundred but i don't know the exact number...anyone knowin it please post it here

Why does Cristiano Ronaldo always have number 7?

He currently wears number 7 because he was given to it by Alex Ferguson. (Former Coach) He was given the number because Alex Ferguson believed that he could do as well as former Manchester United stars with the number 7. (e.g. David Beckham and Cantona)

What is Shinji Kagawa's kit number at Manchester United FC?

He is currently number 26 for the new 2013 season in the Barclays Premier League for Manchester United FC.