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Craig Smith is number 15 on the Nashville Predators.

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Q: What is Craig Smith's number on the Nashville Predators?
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What NHL team does Craig Smith play for?

Craig Smith plays for the Nashville Predators.

What position does Craig Smith play?

Craig Smith plays center for the Nashville Predators.

Who owns the predators?

from In November 2007 Craig Leipold sold the Nashville Predators and the operating lease to the Sommet Center to a group of investors for $174 million. The principal owner of Predators Holdings LLC, which has six investors is David Freeman. The NHL hoped that the sale would put the Predators, who have been losing a lot of money, on solid ice. But in October the franchise defaulted on a $40 million loan, reportedly as the result of one of its former minority partners, William Del Biaggio, going into bankruptcy. Predators Holdings LLC was forced to come up with $28 million to cover Del Biaggio's portion of a lease guarantee with the city of Nashville, which owns the Sommet Center.

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