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Clay Matthews is number 52 on the Green Bay Packers.

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Q: What is Clay Matthews's number on the Green Bay Packers?
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Who is number 52 in the packers?

Clay Matthews is number 52 in the Packers.

Who was number 52 for the Green Bay Packers?

Clay Matthew wears number 52 for the Green Bay Packers. He plays Linebacker and is an elite defenceman. He comes from a long line of football players which gives him the nickname The Bloodline.

What NFL team does Clay Matthews play for?

Clay Matthews plays for the Green Bay Packers.

What team is Clay Matthews on?

Green Bay Packers

What NFL team does Charles Clay play for?

Charles Clay plays for the Green Bay Packers.

Who is the youngest player for Green Bay Packers?

Clay Matthews

Who had the most sacks on the Green Bay Packers in 2010?

In 2010, Clay Matthews led the Green Packers with 13.5 sacks.

Where is Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers house located?

Augora Hills, CA

What is the number of valance electrons of gold?

Go packers clay mathews rodgers go packers

What position does clay mathews play?

He was formerly a linebacker at USC, and is now a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.

How old is Clay Matthews on the Green Bay Packers?

He is 24 years old. He was born May 14, 1986.

Who did clay Matthews play for?

In college, he played for the University of Southern California. Now, he plays on the Green Bay Packers.

What are the names of the Green Bay Packers that played in super bowl 45?

arron rodgers,clay mathew,and your MOM!:)

What is former Cleveland Browns player Clay Matthews doing today?

he's busy being the father of clay matthews, jr., a linebacker with the green bay packers.

Who are the linebackers for the Green Bay Packers?

There are many, if starting and back-up linebackers are included. The most intense one is Clay Matthews.

Does Clay Matthews have a brother that plays for Oregon?

Yes. Casey Matthews, an inside linebacker for the Oregon Ducks, is the younger brother of Green Bay Packers defensive star Clay Matthews III.

Is Bruce Matthews related to Clay Matthews?

Yes it is Clay Matthews (Packers uncle):

Who is the best linebacker with?

Clay Mathews of the Green Bay Packers is probably the best linebacker in football today. You could also argue for Demarcus Ware and Patrick Willis

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What are all the names of the Packers players?

Aaoran Rodgers Clay Matthews Donald Driver