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iriana shayak is Cristiano Ronaldo current girlfriend. And some guys say that jr.cristiano ronaldo is son of this couple of cr7 and russian super model iriana shayak

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As Christiano Ronaldo is only 24 years old and he is not yet married.

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I think he does not have a girlfriend

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Q: What is Christiano ronaldo's girlfriends name?
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What is ronaldos sons name?

Christiano Ronaldo does not have a son.

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Where does Cristiano Ronaldos brother live?

Christiano Ronaldos brother stays in their hometown of Merinda, which is a small island.

Christiano ronaldos salary for one league?

£180,000 per week

Who is christiano ronaldos best friend?

It is his latest girl friend , he has had far to many of them to remember.

Was ronaldos dad an alchoholic?

Yes Christiano Ronaldo was heavy drinker. A complete Alcholic.

What is Cristiano ronaldos favourite hobby apart from soccer?

His other past time is going out with his girlfriends.

Where can I find a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo? than click on the second link on upper left side - IMAGES and than in search field write Cristiano ROnaldo ;)

What does Cristiano Ronaldo parents do for a living?

Christiano Ronaldos father was complete drunkard , and drank himself to death. His mother is alive in his small hometown in Portugal.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite thing sport to play other than soccer?

Christiano Ronaldos other favourite sporrt beside football is driving his ferrari.

What is the birth name of Christiano Robles?

Christiano Robles's birth name is Christian James Robles.