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Well, maybe you should ask her instead of going on here and asking strangers.

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Q: What is Cathy Freeman doing now?
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Facts about Cathy Freeman For your homework right now. Please?

I am choosing Cathy Freeman for my homework poster!

Was Cathy Freeman ever pregnant?

No but she is now

Is Cathy Freeman the youngest?

No cathy freeman is not the youngest.

Where is Cathy freeman living now?

Auckland new Zealand

How old is Cathy Freeman Now?

38 yrs old

How tall is Cathy freeman?

Cathy Freeman's height is 1m64

Does Cathy Freeman have a boyfriend?

Cathy Freeman has a boyfriend yuk!!

Is Cathy freeman aboriginal?

yes Cathy freeman is aboriganal

Cathy freeman's childhood?

Cathy Freeman childhood was really harsh.

What was Cathy Freeman's fastest run?

No Cathy Freeman is not the fastest runner

Why does Cathy freeman deserve to be remembered?

Cathy freeman has a daughter and she is alsome

Did Cathy Freeman retire in her running?

no Cathy Freeman have not retire yet