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what is Carly Rae Jensen's favourite sport

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Q: What is Carly rae jepsens favorite sport?
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What is Carly Rae jepsens favorite color?

carly rae jepsens favorite color is green and pink

Who is Carly Rae jepsens cousin?

carly rae jepsens cousin is sebastian rae jepsen he is her adopted cousin he was adopted by her aunt when he was a baby he was on december 25 2000 and they talk and text all the time!

What's Carly Rae jepsens favourite food?


What are Carly Rae jepsens parents called?

bob and jan

What is Carly Rae jepsens fan phone number?


What are Carly Rae jepsens parents names?

They are Larry and Patty Jepsen!

Is Carly Rae jepsens sister older or younger than her?

she is younger

What was Carly Rae jepsens first song?

call me maybe is her first song

Is Carly Rae jepsens dad Jim?

no, her dads name is Larry Jepsen!

Is James Taylor Carly Rae jepsens dad?

NO! Her dad is named Larry Jepsen;)

What's Carly Rae jepsens favourite colour?

im pretty sure hot pink

Is Justin Bieber Carly Rae jepsens boyfriend?

No, Selena Gomez is Justin Bieber's girlfriend. Carly and him are just friends and Justin discovered her