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carlos pena

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Q: What is Carlos pena jr's fathers name?
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What is carlos pena jrs favorite candy?

butter finger

Is erick estrada Carlos from btrs real dad?

Carlos Pena Jrs. dad is a baseball player his name is Carlos to. im not sure what baseball team he is on but he is a baseball player.

What is Carlos Pena Jrs Facebook?

Carlos Pena Jr. does not have a facebook but he has a facebook fanpage and also twitter,instagram,youtube channlel, and keek and I bet much more but it's all I know so far

What is carlos pena jrs email address?

His fan email address is for any questions or statements. It is

What is Carlos pena jrs parents name?

Dear Carlos Pena My name is Andy Roupe I really love Big Time Rush. Do you mine being my best friends and pretending to be my brother thanks. I do like kendall,logan,and James but I like you more your very cool guy can you call me my number is 304 4491057.Thanks your biggest number one fan Andy Roupe. P's can I have your phone number just your thank you so much remember to call me just ask for Andy I'm counting on you.

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