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Its official sport WAS Lacrosse. Sorry dont know the summer one.

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Q: What is Canada's official Summer Sport?
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Related questions

What is canadas national sport?

lacrosse is our national sport even though we play hockey more. But after 1994 hockey became our witer national sport and lacrosse our summer national sport

What is Canadas most popular sport?


What is canadas favorite sport?

Ice Hockey.

What is canadas official language?

English and French.

What years was baseball included in the summer games?

Baseball became an official sport at the 1992 Summer Olympics

What is the the name of Canadas official groundhog?

Wiarton Willie

What is national game of Canada?

Canada actually has two national sports. Lacrosse is the official summer sport Hockey is our official winter sport

When did kayaking become an olympic sport?

Kayaking has been an official sport at the Olympics since the 1936 Summer Games in Berlin.

Is lacrosse Canada's national sport yes or no?

Yes, but it's one of two. Canada has two national sports. The official summer sport is lacrosse, while their official winter sport is ice hockey.

What is Canadas football?

Its called football here too. Same sport.

What is the name of Canadas official groundhog?

Wiarton Willie

Who is Canadas Official Major Baseball team?

The Toronto Blue Jays.

Is weightlifting a winter sport or a summer sport?


What is the national sport summer sport of Canada?

the national summer sport of Canada is lacrosse

What year did sailing become an official sport at the Olympics?

Sailing became an official sport at the Olympics in the 1900 summer Olympics in Paris, France. It was going to be introduced in 1896, but the wind was not strong enough. It was not an event in 1904, but every Olympics since then sailing has been included.

What is the official sport of Canada?

Hockey is the official sport of Canada.

What sport made its first appearance as an official Olympic sport in Barcelona after being a demonstration sport seven times?

In 1992, baseball became an official Olympic sport at the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona.Demonstration years (1912, 1936, 1952, 1956, 1964, 1984, 1988)

Is gymnastics a summer sport or a winter sport?

you can do it all year round but it is classed as a summer sport in the olympics.

Is table tennis a winter or summer sport?

The table tennis is a winter sport as well as a summer sport.

What year was basketball first played as an olympic sport?

Basketball became an official Olympic even at the Summer Games in Berlin, Germany in 1936.

National winter sport of Canada?

hockey obviously! you could practically say that most Canadians lives are ran by hochey!i think that lacrosse is the official summer sport because of it's aboriginal relationship to the game.

What sport is biathlon a summer sport or winter sport?

Winter sport

What sports happen in Canada?

Lacrosse is the official summer sport of Canada and ice hockey is the official winter sport of Canada. Canadian football, skiing, and curling are also very popular. Baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, swimming, auto racing, and other sports are commonly played as well.

Is cricket Canada's national sport?

No, Cricket is not the national sport of Canada. However, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse are the official sports for the winter and summer respectively and Govt. of Canada has passed an act to declare soon both the sports as national sports for winter and summer.

Does Alaska have dog mushing as its official state sport?

Mushing is the Official Sport of Alaska.