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Edward Leslie

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Q: What is Brutus Beefcake's real name?
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Did Brutus from Julius Caesar have a last name?

Yes, it was Brutus. His full name was Marcus Junius Brutus. Like most Romans he was simply called by his last name, that is, Brutus.

What is brutus' last name?

Brutus is what we today consider a last name. The man's complete name was Marcus Junius Brutus.

Who is Brutus the Barber the Barber Beefcake?

A professional wrestler real name Ed Leslie. AKA The Disciple with WCW.

What is the birth name of Brutus Peck?

Brutus Peck's birth name is Joseph Ergas.

What is brutus's full name?

Yes, it is Marcus Brutus

Did Shakespeare invent Brutus?

No, Shakespeare did not invent Marcus Brutus. He was a real person who really participated in the assasssination of Julius Caesar.

What is the name of Brutus' wife?

Marcus Brutus was married to Portia.

What was Brutus full name from Julius Caesar?

There were two men that had the name "Brutus." If you're talking about the one that was like Julius Caesar's son and gave the speech, you're thinking of Marcus Brutus. But if you're talking about the one against Caesar and the one who wanted to start the conspiracy, that's Cassius Brutus. The twowere brothers-in-law. I know his last name was brutusIt was not! in fact his name was Marcus Junius Brutus, and the other you were talking about, was Caius Cassius.Decius Brutus (full name Decius Junius Brutus--Junius Brutus was the family name) was the brother-in-law who was also a conspirator against Caesar and was the man who lured Caesar out of his house to the Senate by telling him that his wife had misinterpreted her dream. Not Caius Cassius

Why does Anthony want lucilius to be treated kindly?

Antony reconized Lucilius and knew that he was not Brutus. He wanted his men to go find the real Brutus to see if he was still alive.

What is a good name for my male ball python?

I have LOTS of reptiles (I breed them) - and among the names of some of my Royal (ball) Pythons - I have Anthony, Caesar, Brutus, Marvin (the singer MeatLoaf's real name) and Freddie (after Freddie Mercury !)

How does Cassius plan to put extra pressure on Brutus at the end of act 1?

He plans to write letters to Brutus that are supposed to be from real people. The letters are supposed to say things such as how the people secretly want Brutus to be the emperor of Rome, and not Caesar.

What is a good tiger name?

Brutus like the dude from history" e tu brutus " ceaser

Why was brutus a bad leader?

He is gullible because he doesn't think if the letters were real

What ultimately happens to Brutus and Caesar?

Brutus kills himself after the Battle of Philippi, which he lost. Caesar (by which everyone understands Gaius Julius Caesar) was murdered by a bunch of guys, including the aforementioned Brutus (whose full name was Marcus Junius Brutus).

What is the first name of the Born Loser?


Strong name for a pitbull?

Brutus Beefcake.

What is Portia's last name in the play Julius Caesar?

Technically Since she is Married To Marcus Brutus, Her last name would Be Brutus The Roman women retained their own names upon marriage. Brutus' wife Portia was Portia Catonis. She was the daughter of Cato the Younger.

What was the big man's name in Popeye?

Bluto/Brutus .

What Brutus implies by the word Roman?

Brutus in Latin means dullard. Originally it was a nickname, but then it become the name of a branch (cognomen) of the clan of the Julians.

What does Brutus mean?

The name Brutus means "slow-witted", "stupid" or "dull". It was supposedly given to Lucius Junius Brutus, the founder of the Roman Republic, because he pretended stupidity in order that the king wouldn't suspect his plotting.

What is the name of Ohio's mascot?

Brutus Buckeye was is the name of the Ohio State Buckeyes Athletic Mascot.

What is Brutus political position in Rome?

Brutus was a senator.Brutus was a senator.Brutus was a senator.Brutus was a senator.Brutus was a senator.Brutus was a senator.Brutus was a senator.Brutus was a senator.Brutus was a senator.

What is the name of popeye enemey?

Brutus is the name of Popeyes enemy. Many years ago this enemy had a different name. It was Bluto.

Name the two republican leaders in Julius Caesar?

Brutus and Cassius.