What is British soccer?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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it is like American soccer

im not really sure if that's the answer u were looking for but im new to this.

i live in the UK and u have several divisions or leagues. the top is the premier league. then the championship. then league one. league two and league three. the rules are exactly the same as American soccer (as far as i know). well by American soccer i mean what LA Galaxy play. sorry but this is the only American team i know. (David Beckham)

i hope that helps



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Q: What is British soccer?
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How is soccer pronounced in british?

football/soccer either one

What is the British English word for soccer?

soccer = football "a game of soccer" = "a football match"

Who helped invent soccer?

the british

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What are some British sports?

Some British sports are: soccer, football, and baseball.

He British invent soccer?

the only contribution the British made was to let the Romans kick their decapitated heads around, in the ancient game which soccer originates from.

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football which is British for Soccer

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They saw the British doing it and copied them!

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It is Wayne Rooney .

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The English started soccer. I'm not entirely sure the specific person who started but I know he was British.

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The word soccer is a common noun. The proper noun would be the word used for a specific name such as the British publication 'World Soccer' magazine or the United States Soccer Federation.