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Brian Gionta is number 21 on the Montreal Canadiens.

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Q: What is Brian Gionta's number on the Montreal Canadiens?
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What was the Brian Skrudland's jersey number with Montreal canadiens?


What was Brian Savage's number for the Canadiens?

Brian Savage wore #49 during his time with the Montreal Canadiens from 1993-2001.

What NHL team does Brian Gionta play for?

Brian Gionta plays for the Montreal Canadiens.

Why doesn't Montreal Canadiens have a captain?

If you have followed the season, The Montreal Canadians Captain is Brian Gionta.

What position does Brian Gionta play?

Brian Gionta plays right wing for the Montreal Canadiens.

What American hockey players have played for the Montreal Canadiens?

Rod Langway Chris Chelios John LeClair Mike Komisarek Scott Gomez Brian Gionta Blake Geoffrion To name a few

Who were the captains of the Montreal canadiens?

There were so many but i will name you a few Jack Laviolette Newsy Lalonde Sylvio Mantha Hector "Toe" Blake Jean Beliveau Maurice "Rocket Richard" Guy Carbonneau Saku Koivu Brian Gionta

Who is the captian for the Montreal canadians?

2013: Brian Gionta

Who scored the quickest overtime goal in Stanley Cup Finals History?

The answer is 6 seconds. Held by three players.Alexander Ovechkin, Matts Sundin, and David Legwand. Shortest Overtime in Playoffs Brian Skrudland of the visiting Montreal Canadiens ended Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 9 Seconds against the Calgary Flames on May 18, 1986

Who was the last Montreal canadien to score 3 goals in one game?

Brian bellows

Where does brian gionta live?

He lives in Montreal aunt lives in the same neighbour hood as him :)

Does more NHL players use a warrior dolomite or a total one hockey stick?

As of 2011, a lot of players are using Dolomites dressed as a widow or an ak. But I think the total ones are a little more popular aswell as easier to get for the players.... I work for the Montreal canadiens and I know that Brian Gionta uses a dolomite dd spyne and it is dressed as a lower end stick.