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There are no specifications in which the size of the Baseball field must follow other than minimum requirements. This means that the field must reach this distance as the minimum or go over. The minimum distance for home plate should be no less that 250 feet, whereas the foul poles are to be no less than 320 feet. The center field should be no less that 400 feet.

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Q: What is Average size of a Major League Baseball field?
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What are the dimensions for a minor little league baseball field?

Major League Baseball's minor league fields have the same dimensions as all major league parks.

How many feet is a major league baseball field?

it varies from park to park.but the average distances are 330 down the left and right field line and 400 to dead center

How many feet are between bases on a baseball field?

On a major league baseball field it is 90 feet in between bases.

What is the second oldest major league baseball stadium?

Wrigley field

What is major league baseball's second oldest ballpark?

Wrigley Field

Average square footage of a baseball field?

A major baseball field will average 2000 square feet. A school field will usually be smaller. A school field may average a few hundred square feet.

Baseball field size?

A baseball field does not have a standard size. They can vary in shape and size and major league baseball fields are larger than most.

What does the US Cellular field host?

The US Cellular field is a baseball field located in Chicago, Illinois. The US Cellular field is home to the Chicago White Sox who currently play in the Major League Baseball's American League.

How many infielders are on the field during a major league game in baseball?


What is a designated hitter in Major League Baseball?

a player who hits but does not play the field.

What Major League Baseball stadium has the deepest center field?

Yankee stadium

What kind of grass is used in a major league baseball field?

green grass

What are the Similarities between Major League Baseball minor league baseball and college baseball?

they all use a bat, a baseball, 9 positions, a coach, a field, bases, and uniforms

What major league baseball park has the longest foul lines?

Wrigley Field has the longest foul lines in baseball at 355' to left field, and 353' to right field.

What does Cf in Major League Baseball?

Cf stands for center field a position in the out field between the right fielder and the left field

What major league baseball players wear jersey?

They wear majestic uniforms on the field

What is the average capacity of each Major League Baseball field?

Click on the 'Capacities of MLB Stadiums' link on this page to learn the capacity of all 30 stadiums where MLB is played.

What is the perimeter of a Major League Baseball field?

Put your TV on and watch and'll see every field is different

What is the oldest staduim in Major League Baseball?

Still standing today the two oldest stadiums in major league baseball are: Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox), and Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs)

What is the length of baseball field?

In Major League Baseball, the bases are 90' apart. The distance from home plate to the nearest fence is 250' or more.

How much is a baseball field?

you mean a baseball stadium? like a major league stadium or just a ball field with no stands or anything like a little league field? if a major league stadium, if you build it anything like the new Yankees stadium, around a billion dollars, lol if just a regular little league type field, probably a couple hundred dollars, depends if you do it yourself or if you hire people to do it

What is Carlos lee's position in Major League Baseball?

Carlos Lee plays both Left Field and First Base. As of the 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, Lee is a member of the Houston Astros.

What is the size of first base on a baseball field?

According to the rules in major league baseball, bases are 15 inch squares.

How far is first base from second base on a Major League Baseball field?

90 ft.

How many people are on an major league baseball team?

At one time it is nine players on the field.