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The Bulls

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Q: What is Austin mahone's favorite basketball team?
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What is Austin mahones favorite mlb team?

What is Austin mahone favorite baseball team

What is Austin Mahones favorite NBA team?

Chicago Red Bulls

Who is Justin Bieber's favorite Basketball team?

Justin Biebers favorite basketball team is suns basketball

What is Selena Gomez's favorite basketball team?

Her favorite basketball team is the San Antonio Spurs. ;) ________________________________________________Selena's favorite basketball team is the Spur's I am 100% positive!

What is Jason Derulo's favorite basketball team?

Jason Derulo's favorite basketball team is the Jet's.

What is Chris Brown's favorite basketball team?

Miami HeatChris Brown's favorite basketball team is Miami Heat.

What is mindless behavior favorite basketball team?

Mindless behavior favorite basketball team is Boston and Heat

What is Ladainian Tomlinson's favorite basketball team?

Ladainian's favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers.

What is cameon boyce favorite basketball team?

Cameron Boyce's favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Does Austin play basketball?

The NCAA College Basketball team in Austin is called the Longhorns. On average, the team scores 74.2 points per game and 206 blocks per game.

What is Austin Mahone's favorite football team?


What happpens in Austin and ally sports and sprains?

In the episode of Austin and Ally that's called "Sports and Sprains," Austin and Ally along with Dex and Trish are celebrating Spirit Week at Marino High School with Ally writing for the school paper, Dez becoming a cheerleader, Trish pretending to care about school spirit and Austin decides to join the school basketball team. Jimmy Starr learns of Austin joining the basketball team but he orders Austin to resign from the team due to there being a risk of injury playing basketball which would affect his singing career however Austin decides to continue to play basketball but during a game, he becomes injured which prevents him from being able to walk. Austin is able to dance during a scheduled performance due to wires that were hooked up to him by Dez and Austin decides to quit the basketball team.

What is Austin mahone's favoritve basketball team?

Chicago bulls

What is Kesha Livingston's favorite basketball team?

some team

What is jaden smiths favorite basketball team?

Jaden Smith's favorite team is Los Angeles Lakers.

Does WWE Dave batista have a favorite basketball and baseball team?

Dave Batista's favourite basketball team is Lakers

What is Justin Bieber's faveourite basketball team?

His favorite basketball team is the Cleveland Cavs he specificly said it on youtube

What is Jake Austin's favorite basebsll team?


What is joe Jonas favorite basketball team?

I believe it's the Lakers since his favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant.

What is usher's favorite basketball team?


Who is Jake T Austin's favorite baseball team?


What is Austin Mahone's favorite sports team?

chicago bulls

What is Prodigy's favorite basketball team?

Boston celtics

What is john cenas favorite basketball team?


What is Harry Potters favorite basketball team?

the wizards