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According to College Football Data Warehouse, Auburn and USC have met three times (1987, 2002, 2003) and Auburn has lost twice and USC has won twice.


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Auburn and UAB have met only once in college football, that being on August 31, 1996 at Auburn. Auburn won 29-0.

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As of the start of the 2008 season, Georgia Tech leads the series against Auburn 47-41-4.

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As of the beginning of the 2011 season, the overall record for Alabama in their series with Georgia is:

36 wins

25 losses

4 ties

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Q: What is Auburn University's football record against UAB and what years have they played?
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Auburn won the first football game they ever played against who?


Has rutgers university football team ever played auburn university football team?

Once, in 1982 at Auburn with Auburn winning 30-7.

What was the first year clemson played auburn in football?

1899 with Auburn winning 34-0.

What was the first year uga played auburn?

Georgia and Auburn played their first football game in Piedmont Park in 1892. Auburn won 10-0.

Who is the pasted Pro Football Player that played his college Football at Auburn University?

There are several football players that played for Auburn in college that later went on to play in the Pros, including Bo Jackson and Quentin Groves.

When has the auburn tigers played Oklahoma sooners in football?

Auburn and Oklahoma have met once in football, that being the 1972 Sugar Bowl with Oklahoma winning 40-22.

What are the most played NCAA football games west of the Mississippi?

Georgia and auburn

Who won the 1994 auburn vs lsu football game?

The game played September 17, 1994 between Auburn and LSU was won by Auburn by the score of 30-26.

How many times has auburn played nc state in football?

Through the 2008 season, Auburn and NC State have played twice with Auburn winning 44-31 in 1979 and NC State winning 17-15 in 1977.

How many times have South Carolina and Auburn University played against each other in football?

Prior to the 2010 SEC Championship Game matchup between the two teams, they have met 9 times with Auburn leading the series 7-1-1. The two teams met earlier in the 2010 season with Auburn winning, 35-27, at Auburn in September.

What years has auburn university play Fresno state in football?

1996 was the only season the two schools played with Auburn winning, 62-0.

Did Steve Wilson play football for auburn?

The Steve Wilson that I know, who played for the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos, played his college football at Howard University.