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Archie Manning is most famous for being a Football player. He debuted for the New Orleans Saints, and also played for the Houston Oilers and the Minnesota Vikings.

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Q: What is Archie Manning famous for?
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How did Peyton Manning famous?

well being born to Archie manning kinda made him famous like that and playing at Tennessee then playing for the colts made him famous

How many sons does Archie manning have?

Archie Manning has three sons, Cooper Manning, Peyton Manning, and Eli Manning.

What did Peyton Manning do that made him famous?

First he was born to Archie Manning, then he became an NFL Quarterback and won the Super Bowl.

Did Archie Manning win Heisman Trophy?

Archie Manning did not win the Heisman Trophy.

What is the birth name of Archie Manning?

Archie Manning's birth name is Archibald Elisha Manning III.

When was Archie Manning born?

Archie Manning was born on May 19, 1949.

Did Archie manning win the Heisman?

No, Archie Manning did not win a Heisman Trophy.

What is Archie Manning's birthday?

Archie Manning was born on May 19, 1949.

Did Archie Manning win the Heisman Trophy?

No, Archie Manning never won the Heisman Trophy.

Who did Archie manning play for in pro Football?

Archie Manning played NFL pro football for the New Orleans' Saints, the Houston Oilers, and the Minnesota Vikings. Archie Manning is the dad of pro football players Peyton manning and Cooper manning.

What position did Archie manning play in the NFL?

Archie manning played Quarter back for the saints

What is Archie Manning's address?

Archie Manning is a former football player and father to Peyton and Eli Manning. His fan mail address is; Archie Manning Office, 639 Loyola Avenue 8th Floor, New Orleans, LA 70113-3125.

How do I contact Archie Manning's Agent?

Try finding Archie Manning agent information here:

Which current NFL players are sons of former NFL players?

There are many. Probably the most famous are Peyton and Eli Manning, who are both sons of Archie Manning.

What is Archie Manning's religion?

Archie Manning is a Christian but does not talk openly about his religion. It is thought that he and his family may be Baptist, but this has not been confirmed.

Is Peyton Manning related to Archie Manning?


Is archie manning related to Peyton Manning?


True or false Archie Manning Eli Manning and Peyton Manning all won super bowls?

False. Archie never even made it to the playoffs.

Is Archie Manning lefty or righty?

Well both Peyton manning and Eli manning are righty's so I would say he is too. Since Archie is there dad...

Where does Archie manning live?

Archie Manning, the former NFL quarterback, lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Manning was born in Drew, Mississippi on May 19, 1949.

Is wade manning the father of Eli and Peyton Manning?

no the father on Eli and Peyton Manning is Archie Manning

Who was Archie Manning's great grandfather?

William Henry Manning

What other manning did not win a Super Bowl?

Archie Manning

Did Archie Manning ever win a Super Bowl?

No, Archie Manning has never won a Super Bowl. He is the father of Eli and Peyton Manning. He was also a professional football player.

How many grandchildren does Archie manning have?