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Q: What is Apollo creeds trainers name in the movie rocky?
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In the movie Rocky what does Apollo Creeds trainer warn him about Rocky Balboa?

He's a south paw.

Does rocky win in rocky 4?

Rocky goes the distance with Apollo Creed in Rocky, but loses on a split decision. Rocky wins by knock out during the final seconds of the final round in Rocky 2, defeating Apollo Creed in their rematch, becoming the Heavyweight Champion of the World.

How did Apollo influence modern day life in science?

By defeating Rocky Balboa in a controversial bout in "Rocky" Apollo helped demonstrate Newton's third law of motion: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Apollo defeats Rocky (action), Rocky is defeated by Apollo (reaction)

How did rocky fight in rocky 1 before Apollo?

In clubs:)

What was the movie Rocky II about?

Following his recent defeat of Apollo Creed, Rocky Balbao settles down to normal live and marries Adrian. He struggles to find a job and ends up in a meat factory. Apollo is angry that Rocky won the last fight and asked for another fight. This was something that Rocky did not want to do but after his wife falls into a coma following childbirth, he trains hard beating Apollo to become the Champion of the World.

What was rocky Balboa's coaches name?

In Rocky I-III Mick is Rocky's trainer. Once Mick dies in Rocky III, Apollo Creed becomes his coach. In Rocky IV after Apollo Creed dies, Apollo's coach becomes his coach.

Who did Apollo fear?

Rocky Balboa

Who did rocky first fight in rocky 1?

he fought Apollo creed played by carl wethers

Who painted Rocky and Apollo swinging at the end of Rocky III?

Leroy Neiman

Did rocky lose in rocky 1?

Apollo Creed wins in the first Rocky by judges choosing him.

Who did rocky fight in rocky 3?

Rocky fought Ivan drago , Mr T, Apollo creed. Clubber line and the russion maan and silvermaancrean

What did Apollo dislike?

Rocky Balboa then Ivan Drago.