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it is part of a cars suspension

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Q: What is A telescopic shock absorber?
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Shock Absorber?

form_title= Shock Absorber form_header= Replace the shock absorber in your vehicle. When do you need the shock absorber?*= _ Will you install it yourself?*= () Yes () No Do you want to purchase after-market parts?*= () Yes () No

Does Rafael nadal have a shock absorber?

Rafa does play with a shock absorber.

What's a shock absorber?

A shock absorber is a device that absorbs vibration on a vehicle.

What is the use of a shock absorber?

A shock absorber is a mechanical device designed to smooth out or damp shock impulse, and dissipate kinetic energy. It is a type of dashpot.Other names for a shock absorber include damper and dashpot.

Does the Casio watch have a built-in shock absorber?

Yes, some Casio watches are designed with a built-in shock absorber feature to increase durability and protect the internal components from impacts or vibrations. This feature is particularly common in Casio G-Shock watches, known for their ruggedness and ability to withstand tough conditions.

What acts as a shock absorber between bones?

The shock absorber between bones is called cartilage.

Front shock absorber?

Yep, some vehicles still use the shock absorber but many use the strut assembly which has many functions other than the just the duties of a shock absorber.

If you have to make a small building that absorbes shock is drywall a good shock absorber?

No drywall is not a good shock absorber. It's too rigid.

Is shock absorber a lever?


What is important joints because it acts as a shock absorber?

Cartilage is important in joint because it acts as a shock absorber.

Who invented shock absorber?

Claude Foster, founder of Gabriel the company who invented the first shock absorber, which was called the snubber in 1907. In 1918 the first hydraulic shock absorber was introduced and in 1956 the first adjustable shock absorber as well. In 1967 the first gas shock absorber came from Gabriel and from that point many other makers began copying and expanding on the initial work of the people at Gabriel.

How do motorcycle rear shock absorbers work?

The most simple shock absorber design has it sit between the arm that holds the wheel and area under the seat on the frame. As the rear tire hits a bump, the shock absorber is "sandwiched" between the two. The shock absorber itself isn't too different from any other shock absorber.