What is AFL in Australia?

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The AFL is the Australian Football League (a soccer league like the MLS in the US or UEFA in Europe)

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Q: What is AFL in Australia?
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What is the favorite sport in Australia?


What games originated in Australia?


Favorite sport in Australia?


What sports originated in Australia?


What does AFL stands for?

AFL Stands for Australian Football League, which was originated in Melbourne, Australia.

Where was the AFL found at?

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Success in afl?

AFL is Australia's most popular sport. The Sucess overtook NRL and Cricket.

In which year was the first AFL grand final played?

Well AFL or VFL before AFL there was VFL, it has been around for years in Australia.

What Australia's best sport other then swimming?


What is Essendon?

Essendon is an AFL football team in Australia.

What does AFL stand for in Australia?

Australian Football League

Is the AFL a popular sport in Australia?

Yes. There are many Arena Football teams in Australia.

What is the most popular sport in Oceania and Australia?

No idea @Oceania, but Australia is definently AFL

Where afl started?

In Australia that is why it is called Australian football league

What is the difference between Australia's rugby NRL and football AFL?

AFL is the best sport in the world apart from Soccor. Go The TIGERS

Who started afl?

originally cricket players in Australia played afl in the winter to keep fit and eventually it became an Australian sport.

Where can you watch afl in Miami?

sorry i don't think you can only in australia

Top 3 sports played in Australia?

soccer,rugby and AFL

Did AFL football in Australia originate from Gaelic football in Ireland?


What sport has the most participants in Australia?

Swimming, Soccer, AFL and Netball

How many people like AFL?

In Australia lot's of people from Victroica, SA and WA are strong in AFL, NRL are strong in Sydney and Queensland.

What is Australia's main sport?

Australia's main sport is cricket, followed by AFL - Australian Rules football (not soccer).

What are the main sport of Australia?

The main one is AFL. Australian Football League. Cricket is close but AFL is the main sport. If you look at the kids at parks in Australia you will find at least 2 kids playing AFL. This is a game which involves tackling, kicking a rugby shaped ball, handballs, running and dodging tackles. You can search up an AFL ball on Google images. It is a very fun sport. It is created by Australia.

What are the three MOST popular sports in Australia?

AFL is the most popular sport.

What sports have Australia invented?

AFL (Australian football league) and Rugby league