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0730 hours0730 hours

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Q: What is 7.30 am in the 24 hour clock?
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Is a analog clock is a 12 hour clock or a 24 hour clock?

12 hour clock but could say the time in a 24 hour clock Analogue describes construction, not hours. It can be either.

What is the difference in the 12 hour clock and the 24 hour clock?

The difference between 12 hour clock and a 24 hour clock is that when you say 1:00am for a 12 hour clock you would say 0100 hours

What time is midday on 24 hour clock?

12 o'clock is midday on a 24 hour clock.

What hour is 5 pm?

5+12 is 17:00 in 24 hour clock

What is 4 pm on the 24 hour clock?

16:00 is 4pm on a 24 hour clock.

What is the different between 12 hour's clock and 24 hour's clock?

12 hour clock's have am and pm. 24 hour clock's (military time) is 00:00 through 23:59. Midnight on a 12 hour clock is 12:00am, on a 24 hour clock is 00:00. So 23:59 would be 11:59pm.

What is the difference between 12 hour clock time and 24 hour clock time?

A twelve hour clock has 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and is the standard form time clock. A 24 hour clock has times starting at 1-12, but after it will start with 13 as 1 p.m. all the way to 24 or 00 as 12 midnight.

Does russia use a 12-hour clock or a 24-hour clock?

24 Hour is used in all countries except the united states of america

Why 12 hour and 24 hour clocks?

12 hour clock we use in our homes.24 hour clock is used in travelling places eg:airport,train station.

When does the clock strike thirteen?

That means you probably have a 24 hour clock.

What is midday on a 24 hour clock?


What is PM on a 24 hour clock?


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