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There is no 4th base. There is Home "Plate".

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2009-06-30 00:05:18
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Q: What is 4TH base in baseball called?
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How many base on baseball?

There are four bases 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th 4th is mostly called home plate

In baseball a base is also called what?

The Bag

What is it called when a runner gets to first base in baseball?

Base hit or single.

A three base hit in baseball is called a?


How was baseball played?

Baseball was played with a baseball bat and four bases known as 1 2 and 3 base the 4th base was order to score points u have to make it to homebase.

What is it called when they are off base before the pitch is thrown in baseball?

It's called a steal.

What is b called when the equation is b to the fourth power?

"B" is called the base while "the 4th power" is called the exponent.

What is the meaning of a stolen base in baseball or softball?

if your on a base and the ball leaves the pitchers hands you can run to the next base. that's called stealing the base

What is fourth in the batting order called?

In baseball, the 4th batter in the lineup is called the 'cleanup' batter.

Which sports is played on a diamond?

baseballThe sport played on a field called a diamond is baseball. The diamond is made up of first base, second base, third base, and home plate, all in a diamond shape.

What is the position called when a player in baseball standds between 2nd and 3rd base?

Shortstop is the name of the position in baseball that stands between second and third base.

What does baseball mean?

Well, I think they called baseball, because for base.... their are bases in the game, and for ....ball, their playing with a ball.

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