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Triple Bogey

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2011-10-24 15:05:50
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Q: What is 3 over par in golf called?
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What is a triple bogey in golf?

A triple bogey is 3 over par

In golf what is a hole in three strokes called?

Either a par 3 and birdie 3 or an eagle 3 depends what par the hole is.

What is trible bogey in golf?

A triple bogey is 3 shots over par on a given hole of golf.

In golf if a hole is par 4 and someone gets a 3 what is it called?

It is called a birdie

What is three under par in golf called in America?

A double eagle on a par 5, a hole in one on a par 4, and a lie on a par 3.

Is there just par 3 and 4 in golf or can there be par 5 and 6?

Depending on the golf course, the set par can be anything, but it is very common for the par to be 3 and 4

Describe a birdie in golf?

In golf a birdie is one under par on a given hole. So a 2 on a par 3, 3 on a par 4 and 4 on a par 5.

What is the par on a 245-yard golf course?

If you mean a 245 yard golf "hole" The USGA states that holes under 250 yards are par 3. Holes 250 to 475 are par 4 and holes over 475 are par 5.

What is par 7 in golf?

The highest par in golf is 5. A seven is a double bogey on a par 5 and a triple bogey on a par four and a quadruple bogey on a par 3.

Two strokes under par in golf?

Called an eagle. Usually on a par 5, but can be made on a par 4. If one is made on a par 3 it will usually be called an ace or a hole in one, rather than an eagle.

In golf what is an albatross?

It means that you got 3 under par on a hole So got a 2 on a par 5 or a 1 on a par 4.

What length is a par 3 on a golf course?

A par 3 on a golf course in more than 5 yards but less than 650 yards

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