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The 19th hole in Golf is called the club house

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Q: What is 19th hole in the golf?
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Related questions

What do you call a 19Th hole in golf?

The 19th hole can be the first playoff hole after a round of golf, but it is another name for the bar after the round.

What is the 19th hole in golf?

The club house (bar)

How does inertia affect golf?

Usually at the 19th hole.

What is the name of the bar in a golf clubhouse called?

19th hole

What is the popular nickname for a clubhouse at the golf course?

the 19th hole

What do golfers call the bar on the golf course?

The 19th Hole

What are the connections between a golf club and the number nineteen?

On a typical golf course, there are 18 holes to be played. The golf club, or clubhouse, is often referred to as the "19th hole." Because no matter how good or bad a golfer plays, he knows the final destination is the 19th hole. There the coulda, woulda, shoulda's are accepted as truths, because all of us have them. It is there, in the 19th hole, where the panacea for a bad round melts into laughter and memories with those who love and hate this wonderful game called golf. A wonderful place to hear some of the funniest stories put to music about golf that you will ever hear are at Feast your ears and enjoy every minute at the 19th hole.

What has the author Bernard Gallacher written?

Bernard Gallacher has written: 'The 19th Hole' 'Golf' -- subject(s): Golf

What is the longest par 3 golf hole?

The 19th hole on The Legends course at The Legends Golf and Safri Resort in South Africa is the world's longest par 3. It is 474 Yards long but the tee is on top of a mountain 1410 feet up, the tee is only accessible by helicopter. A hole in one on this hole is worth $1million.

What is hole out in golf?

Hole out is simply finishing a hole of golf, obviously by putting the ball in the hole.

How do amateur golf tournaments work?

The player who drinks the most at the 19th hole wins the big trophy! Eugene McAlister III

What country has 909 yard golf hole?

The 19th hole on The Lengends Course at The Legends Golf and Safari Resort, in South Africa has a 830m 913 yard hole. The hole is only a par 3. The tee box is on the top of a mountain, 1,410 feet up, so you have to get a helicopter up. It is estimated the ball is in the air for about 26 seconds. But the green is pretty large, to give you a bit of a chance.

What do you call the start of the golf hole?

You call it "the start of a golf hole."

What is another name for a golf couse clubhouse?

There really is no other name used, clubhouse is the only one that is used. If refering to the bar, it is known as the 19th hole.

Measurement of a golf hole cup in professional golf?

The measurement of a golf hole for a golf course is always 4 1/4 inches.

What is the shortest hole in golf?

hole 12 at hunters canyon golf course

What is the diameter of a golf hole?

4.25 inches is the current size of a golf hole

What is the longest golf hole in the world?

Satsuki Golf Club in Japan has the world's longest golf hole. Their seventh hole is a par 7, 964 Yards long!

How do you start a golf hole?

You start a hole of golf by making a stroke with any golf club from the defined teeing area.

How wide is a regulation golf hole?

Four and a quarter inches, is the diameter of a golf hole.

What is the measurement in a golf hole?

The actual hole? 4 1/4 inches or a golf hole? About 100-600 yards.

18 vs. 36 holes on a golf course?

I'm not sure I understand your question, but here goes. In the 1890's, the guys at St. Andrews came up with a way to determine how many holes there would be on a golf course. The way they did it was this. A bottle of Scotch, drank one shot per hole would last 18 holes. Hence the 19th hole (as the club house bar is referred to) was the "hole" to get a refill. Therefore, it was determined that golf courses be 18 holes.

What qualifies as a hole in one in golf?

A single swing that lands the ball into a golf hole. Therefore hole in one.

How do you get a hole in one on The real Gilligan's Island mini golf hole number 10?


When did Hal's Hole in One Golf happen?

Hal's Hole in One Golf happened in 1991.