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The term is not exclusive to the NFL, but refers to a specific method of resolving a sporting event that ends with a tie. In that method, the teams begin an extra period of play (in the NFL called "overtime"). Under normal game rules, the team which first scores in overtime wins the game immediately. The team that loses suffers a "sudden death". There can also be sudden death hockey or soccer games. This is different from Baseball, where both teams have an opportunity to bat in their half of the inning before a winner is declared.

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Q: What is 'sudden death' and when does it take place during an NFL game?
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How many OT periods can a hockey game have?

In the NHL, there is one (1) five (5) minute 'sudden death' overtime period during the regular season, followed by a shoot-out if necessary. There is an unlimited amount of twenty (20) minute 'sudden death' periods during the playoffs.

Who had the first sudden death overtime game?

The Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls.

What happens if no one scores in all 4 qt's of a football game?

During the regular season, the game is over. It is recorded as a tie. During the post-season (playoffs), the game will continue in sudden-death overtime. The first team to score wins.

How did hank gathers die?

Sudden cardiac death due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the heart muscle, during a basketball game on March 4, 1990.

Is NFL overtime sudden death?

yes it is the first team to score wins the game

When did pro football stop tie games?

The NFL has not abandoned the tie game. According to the rules (found at the NFL's web site in their rules digest) a tie game occurs during preseason and regular season games if neither team scores after a 15 minute sudden death quarter. The maximum is one period. With the advent of sudden death, the tie game has nearly vanished from the game but it does happen.

What is the duration of a game of hockey?

Three 20 minute periods. If a regulary season game is tied after three periods, this is followed by a 5 minute sudden death overtime and if necessary a shootout. A playoff game has unlimited sudden death overtime, divided into 20 minute periods.

What is sudden death in national football league?

Sudden death is used as a way to determine a winner if the score is tied after the typical sixty minute game. The first team to score points in any way is the winner.

What are two things that can occur at the end of a lacrosse game that ends in a tie?

they can go into over time or sudden death!!!!

What is a name for a game - eg in tennis - to decide winner?

sudden death- hockey overtome-football, baseball, basketball as i know of

In an NFL game if the game is tied after regulation during the regular season is it sudden death til a team scores or is it just one extra period?

In the regular season, it is one 15 minute period with the first team that scores being declared the winner. If no team scores during the 15 minute period, the game is declared a tie.

What is the length of an NFL playoff game?

4 quarters plus sudden death overtimes 60 min./divided into 4 quarters

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