What is 'caddy' short for?

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Caddy comes from the french le cadet which means youngest boy.

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Q: What is 'caddy' short for?
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Where can you find the caddy in gta vice city?

You can get Caddy by cheat 'betterthanwalking' .You can also get caddy from the golf course.

What training does a caddy need?

If you call a local golf course that has a caddy program, they will sign you up for three to four days of caddy lessons where you will be taught how to caddy by the caddy master, or assistant golf pro. Then you'll take a test and depending on your score youll become an offical caddy.

What rhymes with daddy?

Caddy, laddie.MaddyCaddy

What is the duration of The Caddy?

The duration of The Caddy is 1.58 hours.

How do you use caddy in a sentence?

My golf caddy carries my clubs.I keep loose leaf tea in a caddy.

When was The Caddy created?

The Caddy was created on 1953-08-10.

When was Peter Caddy born?

Peter Caddy was born in 1917.

When did Peter Caddy die?

Peter Caddy died in 1994.

When was John Caddy born?

John Caddy was born in 1937.

When was Caddy Works born?

Caddy Works was born in 1896.

When did Caddy Works die?

Caddy Works died in 1982.

When was VW Caddy created?

Volkswagen Caddy was created in 1980.

When did George Caddy die?

George Caddy died in 1983.

When was George Caddy born?

George Caddy was born in 1914.

When did Florence Caddy die?

Florence Caddy died in 1923.

When was Florence Caddy born?

Florence Caddy was born in 1837.

What would cause the 30 amp fuse to blow on 96 caddy deville supension?

Short in the wiring or overloaded circuit.

Who did the soundtrack for who's your caddy?

who yo caddy is da shyt ma nig who yo caddy is da shyt ma nig

Great How do I apply to become a golf caddy?

how do i apply to become a golf caddy in bearpath how do i apply to become a golf caddy in bearpath

Where can you find a caddy job?

Any country club that has a caddy program.

Did Tiger Woods get a new caddy?

No, Steve Williams is still his caddy.

Can you caddy for a relative?

Jack Nicklaus has his son as his caddy. So if it is good for him it will be for you.

What is the duration of Who's Your Caddy?

The duration of Who's Your Caddy? is 1.55 hours.

What is plural form of caddy?

The plural of caddy is caddies.

When was the golf caddy invented?

The golf caddy was never really invented, a golf caddy is a person who transports golf clubs around a golf course for the golfer. The use of a golf caddy dates back to the 16th century.