What is 'The Terrible Towel'?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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The Terrible Towel is a symbol used by Pittsburgh Steelers fans at their games. It was created by the late Steelers radio announcer Myron Cope back in 1975. The team's radio station was looking for a gimmick to get sponsors for their talk show and the president of sales, Larry Garrett, suggested towels. Cope had the idea of having the words "The Terrible Towel" printed on the front. The towel made its debut on December 27, 1975, the Steelers won the game and it has been a part of the team's tradition ever since.

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Q: What is 'The Terrible Towel'?
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Is there a Terrible Towel on the moon?

I hope not! The Terrible Towel came into being in 1975 and the last manned visit to the moon was in 1972.

What is the square root of the terrible towel?

I never heard of the "terrible towel", but basically you take square roots of numbers and measurements, not of objects.

Has there been a Terrible Towel in space?

Yes there has.

How do you properly wave The Terrible Towel?

In a circle.

Where are the Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towels manufactured?

McArthur Towel and Sports Co. is the current manufacturer of the Terrible Towel. The company is located in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

What year did Myron Cope invent The Terrible Towel?


Who has largest terrible towel?

It's located in Scruffy McDuffs, Midtown Manhatten.

What do the Pittsburgh Steelers fans wave during every game?

They wave the Terrible Towel.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers start the towel tradition?

Yes they did, in a playoff game. Announcer Myron Cope told everyone to bring a towel to the game and wave it in the air. Eventually this became known as the Terrible Towel.

How did the Terrible Towel get its name?

The Terrible Towel is a gimmick created by Myron Cope, a broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Steelers (an American football team). Needing a way to excite the fans during a 1975 playoff football game against the Baltimore Colts, Cope urged fans to take yellow dish towels to the game and wave them throughout. Some Steelers players were unenthusiastic (notably linebacker Andy Russell who told Cope they weren't "a gimmick team"). Nevertheless, the stands were filled with yellow towels that day, and the Steelers always seemed to complete terrific plays when the towels were waving. The Steelers won that game 28-10, and Russell himself scored a defensive touchdown.

Where do the proceeds from the Terrible Towel sales go to?

In 1996, Myron Cope, the inventor of the Terrible Towel, gave the rights to the towel to the Allegheny Valley School in Coraopolis, PA. It is a Pennsylvania school that provides care for over 900 people with mental retardation and physical disabilities. The school also includes Myron Cope's son, who is autistic.

What is the name of the yellow garment that every Pittsburgh Steelers fan waves around at home games?

The Terrible Towel