What is 'New Japan'?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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it's a Wrestling organization in Japan. Just like all Japan and Zero-One. Old Japan with some jazz.

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Q: What is 'New Japan'?
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When was New Japan Philharmonic created?

New Japan Philharmonic was created in 1972.

When was Japan New Party created?

Japan New Party was created in 1992.

When did Japan New Party end?

Japan New Party ended in 1994.

Is Japan south of Australia and New-Zealand?

No, Japan is north of Australia and New Zealand.

When is New Year's Day in Japan?

the new years day in japan is the first of January

When was Japan Society - New York - created?

Japan Society - New York - was created in 1971.

Is hiroshima the new capitol of Japan?

No. Tokyo is the capitol of Japan.

Why did Japan hate New Zealand?

Japan did not hate New Zealand. During World War II, Japan embarked upon a campaign of dominance of the Pacific, and this included the islands of New Zealand.

How is Japan different to New Zealand?

New Zealand is more skuxx aka cool but Japan has cool cars

Why did Japan want to establish a new order east Asia?

So that Japan could be the boss of the new order.

When was New Socialist Party - Japan - created?

New Socialist Party - Japan - was created on 1996-03-03.

Is Japan more popular than New York?

Japan is so much more popular than New York.