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Q: What international team does PEPE play for?
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What team does reina play for?

Jose "Pepe" Reina currently plays for Liverpool FC in England. He is the 2nd vice captain for the club. Reina also is the goalie for International Spain.

What international team does Kaka play on?

The international team Kaka plays for is Brazil.

Who is the Spain's soccer team golkeeper?

The Spanish International team's starting goalkeeper is Iker Casillas. Their Back-up Goalies are Pepe Reina and Victor Valdes.

Who does gareth bale play for international?

Wales International Team

Can a soccer player that plays for us men international team play for FC Barcelona?

Yes, because a player can play for an International team and a club team. USA is an international team, and FC Barcelona is a club team, so Yes, it is possible,

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What team did reina play for before Liverpool?

Pepe Reina previously played for Villarreal before joining Liverpool in 2005.

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