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Q: What instruments did Adam de la halle play?
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When did Adam de la Halle die?

Adam de la Halle was born in 1237.

Did Adam de la Halle die?

Adam de la Halle died in 1288.

What was Adam de la halle was famous for?

He was a famous trouvère.

Why Adam de la Halle called hunchback?

It was possibly a family name, he did not have a hunchback.

What instruments did Manuel de Falla play?

lots of instruments

When was Nuestra de Señora de Halle created?

Nuestra de Señora de Halle was created in 1603.

When was Mesdames de la Halle created?

Mesdames de la Halle was created in 1858.

Which four instruments need the use of feet to play them?

timpany,bajo de arco, piano,

When was Adam de Craponne born?

Adam de Craponne was born in 1526.

When did Adam de Coster die?

Adam de Coster died in 1643.

When was Adam de Coster born?

Adam de Coster was born in 1586.

When did Adam de Tyninghame die?

Adam de Tyninghame died in 1389.