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The piano.

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Q: What instrument performs Maple Leaf Rag?
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When was Maple Leaf Rag created?

Maple Leaf Rag was created in 1899.

What are the 3 pices of Scott joplins work?

Maple Leaf Rag, The Entertainer and The Rag Time Dance

Who composed the Maple Leaf Rag?

Scott Joplin

How popular was the maple leaf rag?

The maple leaf rag was never very popular. While it did have a niche market, it never became a wide spread or hip item to have. Over time it has lost additional popularity.

What are Scott Joplin's major compositions?

Pineapple Rag Maple Leaf Rag Solace The Entertainer The Easy Winners Peacherine Rag Elite Syncopations

Name a famous piano piece by Scott Joplin?

the entertainer, maple leaf rag.

What is the most famous ragtime song?

Maple Leaf Rag The Enterainer by Scott Joplin

Who made Maple Leaf Rag?

Scott Joplin. 1865- 1917 died of: syphilis

Who wrote the Maple Leaf Rag and was known as the king of ragtime?

Scott Joplin was the composer of the Maple Leaf Rag, and was otherwise regarded as "the king of ragtime". Another interesting fact about Mr. Joplin is that he held most of his event's entrance cost at one cent, hence the name "Penny Rag".

Was there another version of Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag that transformed into piano strand blue?

Yes, the one that has transcripted the Maple Leaf Rag in a piano strand rag while giving Scott Joplin the original credit under the copyrighting by law named, Jerry Roll Morton.

What level for piano is maple leaf rag?

I'd say Grade 5 ! Kev p

What insterment did Scott Joplin play?

He played The Entertainer, Maple Leaf Rag, Magnetic Rag, Weeping Willow and much more you can find all the songs on proffeser and search Scott Joplin.