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Q: What ingreidient does shaving cream need to be a baseball glove conditioner?
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Is fluorine an ingreidient in ice cream?


Baseball glove break in softer?

shaving cream

Do you always need shaving cream to shave your legs?

I think it would be best to always use the shaving cream to prevent getting the red bumps on your legs after you are through shaving Although! I started using like really cheap conditioner and it works very well. first of all it keeps my legs soft and smooth and i havent noticed getting any of the red bumps on my legs after shaving.

Is conditioner the best thing to use when shaving?

Yes... it does because it really smoothes out all rough skin and all scars and scraps!! all the celebrities enjoy it more than soap or shaving cream

What is the dispersed phase in shaving cream?

dispersed substance of shaving cream

How do you use shave cream?

Shaving cream makes shaving easier.

What makes shaving cream foam?

Shaving cream expands when air enters the cream as it is forced out Shaving cream expands when air enters the cream as it is forced out

What can one use other than shaving cream when using a blade to avoid pimples and bumps?

Use hair conditioner! I swear, it works!

When was Rise shaving cream created?

Rise shaving cream was created in 1949.

When was Shaving Cream - song - created?

Shaving Cream - song - was created in 1946.

I am really hairy and when i shave it leaves bumps on my skin what is the remedy for my skin?

shaving cream but conditioner works even better and shouldn't leave bumbs

Shavers with soap?

I don't like soap. Conditioner is the best alternative for shaving cream. Of course, I'm a girl, so it could be different for guys.