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Q: What information from the notice to mariners to the boaters?
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To help boaters protect Washington waterways at many launch locations what is available?

To help boaters protect Washington waterways, at many launch locations there is information about known aquatic nuisance species in that water body.

What is A notice of no information has been filed?

A Notice of No Information has been filed in this case

Did a television cast make an appearance at a Mariners game in 1992?

That information is evidently been lost to Mariners sports broadcast history.

What is a hat with straw hat worn by boaters with a short brim and a flat top?


What is buzzing another vessel?

"Buzzing" could be the same as a "fly-by" or a very close passing maneuver at a high rate of speed. Generally frowned upon by professional mariners and competent boaters. Also a violation of the Nautical Rules of the Road.

Where can one find great offers from Boaters?

One can find great offers from Boaters on their website. They are a national magazine dedicated to the boating enthusiasts of the world. Boaters magazine has all kinds of great offers in their classified section.

Can you get a boaters license when you are 11 in NY?


How old do you have to be to get a boaters license?


Do you need to have a boaters license in the South Carolina?

All boaters should take the Coast Guard Aux boater safety course

If i am 16 in Michigan do i need a boaters license's to drive a seadoo?

Yes if your are 16 in Michigan you will need a boaters license to drive a seadoo.

What does a Texas boater education card allow certain boaters to do?

A Texas boater education card allows certain boaters to do what

What kind of service does a pumpout station offer for boaters?

A pumpout station offers what kind of service for boaters?