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the best thing Tiger Woods did is help the kids play Golf

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โˆ™ 2009-10-27 15:06:28
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Q: What important things has Tiger Woods done?
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Can you list all of Tiger Woods girlfriends?

tiger woods has done your mom,your mom,your mom,my mom,and your gerbil!

What is the best thing Tiger Woods has done?

I tricked you Bwahahahahahahah

How is Tiger Woods a role model?

very good at golf :) of course he is look at all the amazing things he has done in his life 11

What has tiger woods done to make him apologize?

He had affairs with at least 18 other women.

What bad has Tiger Woods done to make him apologize?

he had an affair behind his wifes back

Has Tiger Woods ever done anything bad?

yes he had sex with another women wiil married to his wife

What was the 4 events did Tiger Woods win in the grand slam?

The Grand Slam is all 4 majors in one calendar year, he has not done this. Tiger Woods won what has become known as the Tiger Slam, 2000 US Open, British Open, USPGA Championship and the 2001 Masters.

Who is Tiger Woods role model?

Tiger Woods has always based his career on that of Jack Nicklaus, as a kid he had mapped out what Nicklaus had achieved and by what age, and tried to better them, most of which he has done. It could also be argued his Father played a massive role in his life.

Who is Tiger Woods dentist?

Right after the domestic violence incident in FL, Tiger Woods re-appeared in Phoenix to have plastic surgery and teeth done. He was spotted by a local TV station at cosmetic dentist Safadi dental office in West Phoenix.

Why did Tiger Woods get shunned?

because of all the things that he could have done he had commited an immoral act unlike mike Vick with his dog fights and mike phelps who smoked the dope and others that commit illegal acts

Why did Tiger Woods have knee surgery?

cause his knee was messed up and he needed it or if he didnt het it and played on it he would be done for life

What can be done to help the white tiger?


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