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race cars run a very rich mixture. when the engine dies, the unburnt fuel in the exhaust system catches fire from the heat in the exhaust pipes. when the engine is refired, the fire blows out. Flames come out the exhaust during the deceleration of a racing car because during wide open throttle the intake manifold and intake port are filled with a homogenized air fuel mixture. When the throttle is suddenly closed the velocity of this mixture stops and the pressure drops into a strong vacuum. This causes the fuel to drop out of suspension (in the air) and return to a liquid state. This liquid fuel is drawn through the combustion chamber and ignites when it reaches the hot exhaust valve and pipes resulting in the visable flames from the end of the pipe.

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Q: What ignites the exhaust fumes on race cars to make flames?
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What are exhaust fumes from cars an example of?

exhaust fumes of a car

Do you have to turn motor off before pumping gasoline in your car?

YES ! If you don't, there is a possibility of either a stray spark from the engine igniting the fumes from the fuel, or a spillage of fuel onto your cars exhaust bursting into flames !

Why does your car shoot flames from the exhaust?

Flames coming out the exhaust is the result of the exhaust igniting fuel that was not burned inside the engine. Occasional pops of flame can be from backfiring, which shoots out unbirned gas that gets ignited from the heat of the exhaust. On cars without electroinc ignition or fuel injection, which covers all older cars, turning the ignition off while moving and then back on can result in a backfire and flames.

Why are rusty cars a safety hazard?

One reason would be exhaust fumes may enter the cabin area.

When was muffler invented?

When people started objecting to the noise and smell of cars exhaust fumes, around 1898.

How do you make flames shoot out exhaust?

Flames shooting out of race car exhaust pipes is caused by unused fuel passing from the cylinder into the exhaust system and lighting by the heat of the exhaust. Race cars run a different grade of fuel than a normal passenger car so this is common. You have to really soop up a normal car engine for this to happen on a normal car.

What pollutes Mexico City?

Fumes from several industries such as chemical, glass and steel furnacesExhaust fumes from nearly 4 million cars, buses and other vehicles.

How is platinunm used in cars?

In catalytic converters in cars.It removes harmful nitrogen based gasses form your cars exhaust fumes by catalysing a reaction which makes the gasses more stable and less damaging to the environment.

What is the evap system?

All newer cars have a Evap system, the function of the system is to re-circulate gas and exhaust fumes so they dont vent into the atmosphere.

How do MOT tests help combat air pollution?

As engines grow older their combustion quality degrades which results in higher levels of pollutant in the exhaust fumes. An MOT test (required annually for cars older than 3 years) includes a test of the exhaust fumes to identify problems with either the engine, or the exhaust / catalytic convertor systems.Unchecked, so called dirty cars would be allowed to continue driving on the roads producing significantly increased levels of pollution.

How does the exhaust from cars hurt the environment?

Exhaust fumes are greenhouse gases. That is a term for gases that get trapped in the atmosphere and cause the earth to get hotter like a greenhouse. The build-up of gases in the atmosphere prevent the heat of the earth from escaping into outer space.

Why do NASCAR cars make a spark?

The cars spark from bottoming out on the track. The steel grinding the asphalt throws the sparks out from under the car. Flames also comes out of the exhaust from the extra fuel that isn't burned when they let off the gas.

What are dangers of car gas fumes?

The fumes from an cars exhaust contain carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, toxic gas that will kill you with no warning signs. It may cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. With enough exposure you will die. Even with Catalytic converters there is still about 2% CO in the exhaust. There is also Hydrocarbons, Nitrogen, & Sulfur.

Why is petrol used in a car engine that gives off exhaust fumes harmful?

Because today we haven't another alternative; electrical cars, hydrogen battery, etc. are now more expensive,

Is exhaust from cars?

Cars do indeed produce exhaust, but they are not the only source of exhaust which can come form other forms of transport, house boilers and factories.

What is a likely cause for Motorcycle exhaust fumes?

Of course, all internal combustion engines produce fumes as the result of the gasoline being consumed. However, in motorcycles, there is no protective enclosure such as the body of an automobile in which to ride, and the exhaust emissions swirl about the riders, who are able to detect the noxious odors. Cars are generally contoured and quite streamlined, so that the air passes smoothly over and then behind the vehicle, generating only slight turbulence. The engine exhaust pipe is normally at the rear, and often directs the exhaust gases either down or to one side, to be swept back in the slipstream of passing air. There is a chance that some of the exhaust fumes will be caught up in the back-draft of the vehicle, and swirl about its back end. This is of no consequence, because the back window of the vehicle prevents fumes from being sucked into the passenger compartment. Vans and utility vehicles frequently carry warnings about travel with a rear gate open, because of the possibility of ingesting the vehicles own engine exhaust. Motorcycles characteristically have a very un-aerodynamic profile, and are prone to much more burbling of the passing air. Like cars, some of the exhaust fumes from the motorcycle will be drawn into the turbulent zone immediately behind the rider's back. If the bike has a significantly tall windshield, the exhaust fumes from the engine will navigate further forward, being drawn into the turbulent back-draft zone just behind the windshield and around the rider's face. To prove this, use a motorcycle with a tall windshield. Have a rider tape strings of about 20-30 cm each on opposite sides of the helmet's chin area. Then at 100 kph, observe how the strings are drawn forward in the airflow, toward the windshield. The exhaust fumes travel the same path from the back of the bike and swirl about the sheltered side of the windshield. That is often why a motorcycle rider will sometimes smell of exhaust fumes.

What is the waste products from factories and cars called?

Car exhaust fumes produce nitrogen, carbon dioxide and a bit of water vapour. The most toxic part of car gas fumes is carbon monoxide. Factories can also produce carbon monoxide but most of the gas waste is from hydrocarbon gases and nitrogen oxides.

What do cars have in their exhaust gases to reduce carbon monoxide?

Cars do not have anything in their exhaust to reduce carbon monoxide. A Catalytic Convertor in the Exhaust System is used to remove Carbon Monoxide from the exhaust gasses.

What makes flames come out your exhaust?

Usually a product of valve overlap and exhaust. It's basically unburnt fuel coming through and igniting on the hot exhuast tip when it hits the air at the end of the exhaust pipe. In aspirated cars it's large valve overlap which helps scavenging and performance in the top end. Turbo cars, due to the large amounts of fuel at full noise. Normally happens after high RMP then throttle snapped shut.

Why Ban Cars?

We should ban cars because, it causes Global Warming because of the fumes.

What do squeaky car brakes remind you of?

Squeaky brakes reminds me of the days when I lived in Germany. It seems as though every taxi cab had bad exhaust fumes and squeaky breaks, even some of the new cars had squeaky breaks

Where does an oxygen sensor go on a cars engine or exhaust system?


It spews from cars and trucks?

exhaust is spewed from cars and trucks.

Are the hybrid cars more advantageous than conventional cars if we don't consider the effects on the ozone layer?

Hybrid cars do indeed save you money on fuel, as they run more efficiently and use less gasoline. They benefit the environment in numerous ways, one of which is by cutting down the levels of harmful exhaust fumes produced, which means less air pollution.

Why do cars let out fumes?

That is the byproduct from burning fossil fuel.