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You either have a stolen bike that has part of the vin filed down or a pre 1981 KTM.

In 1981 the NHTSA required all vehicles to have a standard, 17-character vehicle identification number, or VIN. Since then, automakers all over the world have adopted the VIN. Before 1981, the system manufacturers assigned VINs anywhere from 11 to 17 digits/characters.

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Q: What if your KTM only has 12 digits on the vin location?
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How can you tell the model on a KTM motorcycle?

Locate the vin number (17 digits) on the right side of the steering head tube, then enter it in the vin decoder at this web link: It will provide you with more info than you probably wanted to know along with the model and year of your KTM.

Why does my VIN number only have 13 digits?

That is all the digits that was needed up until 1981 when the 17 digit VIN replaced the 13 digit.

Who owns this Jeep Vin number 50311?

That isn't enough digits to be a VIN. A VIN is 17 digits long.

What is the year and model of KTM 50 vbkmra2351m024548?

The vin number listed above is for a 2001 KTM 50SXR.

You can only find a 7 digit vin on a polaris ATV?

it is a pre-1990 vin #, anything after that has 17 digits.

When does vin go to 20 digits?

VIN is the vehicle identification number. The VIN is a string of 17 digits that makes it possible to identify and track the activities of a specific vehicle. The VIN never goes to 20 digits.

What model is this Yamaha motorcycle with vin number vbkmra2358m032966?

It's not a Yamaha Vin number. The vin number is for a 2008 KTM SX.

Where is the VIN number located on a KTM 525 motorcycle?

I have an 07 525 and the VIN is located on the right side of the steering head tube.

What year bike vin 4V6-001842?

Not a full vin, not enough to work with. A vin is 17 digits.

How many numbers are in a vin?

17 digits

Your VIN number is 13 numbers long instead of 17 numbers what do you do?

Since 1965 to 1971 VIN Numbers where only 13 digits. Here is a site to explain VIN numbers (see related link)

What is the year model for polaris ATV VIN number eh420pleo525671?

The vin should be 17 digits the 10th of which is the year code. You are missing a few digits.