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Q: What if you havent lost any molar teeth and you are over 14?
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Can a small crack in a retainer over by the left molar shift your teeth?

No, not if it is a big crack

How can you tell if your lost tooth is a baby or permanent tooth?

The difference between primary or deciduous and permanent teeth is 1. Size:: primary teeth are small compare to permanent teeth 2. Number:: primary number of teeth :20 permanent number of teeth:32 3. Colour: primary teeth are white colour because of less mineralized enamel permanent teeth are yellowish because of more mineralizes enamel 4. Mamelons:: mamelons means three bulges on the incisal edges of the newly erupted central incisors. no mamelons for primary teeth and have mamelons for permanent teeth. 5. Enamel:: thinner for primary teeth thicker for permanent teeth 6. Cervical ridge:: cervical ridge means ridge at cervix region. cervix means where crown meet root. cervical edge is more prominent for primary teeth compare to permanent teeth. 7. Size of the molar:: second molar larger than first molar in primary teeth second molar smaller than first molar

Is losing a 2nd molar on the bottom going to hurt the molar on top?

Well, yes it can be damaging to the opposing tooth or teeth. It's not just the second molar, but loss of a premolar or molar teeth in one jaw, can and and will in all likelihood cause the supra eruption of the opposing tooth. To put it simply, suppose you lose a molar in the lower jaw, then the molar opposite it will have nothing to come in contact against while you chew. So over a period of time the upper tooth will slowly descend into the now vacant spot of its old friend! Initially you may not notice it but slowly it becomes painful sometimes severely so. Also because of the shift in position of the supra erupting tooth it may become conducive to lodgement of food debris. Doesn't sound very pleasing does it? To avoid all this it would be best to replace the lost tooth without much delay and get on with life.

What is the meaning of opposing arch in dentistry?

The opposite arch, or set of teeth. So for example if they say extract a first molar tooth on the upper arch but it may cause over-eruption of the opposing tooth in the opposing arch, it means the first molar tooth but in the lower arch.

How many teeth dinosaur have?

Depends on the dinosaur. T. Rex had over 60 thick, conical, banana sized teeth that were up to 9 inches. They would grow back any teeth that they lost.

Have any companys been taken over?

no they havent

Why wont the dog roll over?

because you havent asked it to

How many teeth does a dinosaur?

Depends on the dinosaur. T. Rex had over 60 thick, conical, banana sized teeth that were up to 9 inches. They would grow back any teeth that they lost.

How did native American woman loose their teeth?

Native women lost their teeth the same way that the men did. Naturally or a medicine person would remove the tooth with a stick and rock. Women from some tribes used their teeth to separate reed threads. This would eventually wear down their teeth. Tribes all over the Americas participated in various teeth modification.

How much must the top jaw's teeth be over the bottom jaw's teeth to be considered an overbite?

Yes,your top jaw teeth are over your bottom jaw teeth it is considered an over bite..........

Do dragons have 11111111?

You'd think they would but due to the number of teeth they've got over the years they lost all the 1's hope this helps

If a guniea pig breaks or looses a tooth can iy ever be replaced?

Guinea pigs front teeth constantly grow. If lost or broken, it will grow back over time.