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You start backwards, you know you have 80 Baseball so that makes 40 football. 20 Basketball, and 40 hockey.

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Q: What if you had 80 baseball and half as many basketball as football cards and 20 more hockey cards than basketball cards and half as many football cards as baseball how many hockey cards would i have?
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Can you get other sports cards that aren't baseball basketball hockey or football?

yes, like golf

Where do you find basketball cards and their value?

go to and subscribe for a subscription of their magazine for a year. This is how you find basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, tennis, football, hockey, and nascar cards their value.

What other kinds of cards exist besides baseball?

football,golf,basketball,nascar,Pokemon,star wars,hockey,wrestling,and old Elvis Presley cards

What is the probability that 3 baseball cards will be chosen randomly from 12 baseball cards 8 football cards and 5 basketball cards?


Who has the largest collection of baseball cards and if you know how many does he or she have?

I currently have 160,000 baseball cards, 100,000 basketball, 180,000 football, and 50,000 hockey. My goal is to have every complete set ever made. If you have any sports cards give me a call at 699-3980.

What different types of cards can one trade for on Beckett?

One can trade a multitude of sports cards on Beckett. Cards will be evaluated for their condition. Included for trade will be cards dealing with baseball, hockey, racing, basketball, and football. Some of the cards Beckett will be looking for include rookies cards, autographed cards, vintage cards, and memorable cards.

Whats a really good online baseball card price guide? has a totally free online sports card price guide. It has 1000's of cards listed for baseball, basketball, football and hockey.

How can you create your own baseball card?

on google or any other search engine, look up "create your own baseball cards." there are many websites who feature custom cards The highest quality cards I have seen are from They also offer templates for football, basketball, hockey and soccer trading cards.

Joe has 16 more baseball cards than football cards He also noticed that of the total he has three times as many baseball cards as football cards How many football cards does he have?

This works out fairly simply, He has 8 football cards and 24 baseball cards.

How do you play Bella Sara?

I beleve that bella sara cards are only collectable, kind of like baseball, basketball, football, and marvel cards are.

Gary has 24 football cards 18 basketball cards and 30 baseball cards he wants the same number of cards on each page of his album. What is the greatest number of cards he an have on each page?


What different types of collecter cards are there?

All sports have collectible cards- Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Racing Certain movies and tv shows have also produced collectable cards. There are also Magic/Yu-gi-oh game cards that are used for their respective games, but can also be collected

How much is a 1980 Michael Jordan high school card be worth?

Nothing...Cards aren't worth dog poo on my shoe these days...Whether it be baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tenns, fencing, lacrosse, etc... SORRY

Are 1960 Topps Football cards more rare than 1960 Topps Baseball cards?

No the 1960 baseball cards are definetly more rarer than the 1960 Football cards 1960 Football cards are more rare.

You have old baseball football and basketball cards how much are they worth?

It depends on the card condition and the player. Some cards are worth a penny while others are worth thousands and even millions.

Are Baseball cards worth More than Football cards?


Where can you sell an entire collection of 2000 baseball hockey football and luney tunes trading cards?

Well, you can do a lot of places, but eBay is the way to go bucause when people bid they can usually bid for your cards maby 3 or 4 times the market price. Ebay is a great place to sell baseball football, and all other cards that you may want to sell.

When was Bowman bought by Topps?

Bowman was a well known card manufacturer that began production in 1948 with baseball, football, and basketball cards. Their basketball production was halted that same year, while baseball and football cards were produced through 1955. The following year, Topps purchased the company and ended their rivalry in the sports card market. In 1989, Topps once again began production of cards with the Bowman name. Cards with this brand name are prominent in the modern sports card market.

Which cards are worth more baseball or basketball?

4 the most part baseball...

I have about 2500 baseball and football cards how can i tell what they are worth?

get a copy of the 2008 Standard catalog of baseball cards.

What is a good site to for checking the value on baseball basketball and football cards?

By going to Also if you have upperdeck cards of any of these go to and any topps go to and any donruss go to

What was the first year that Upper Deck produced basketball cards?

1991 same as football!

When were football and baseball cards created?

They were both made in 1955.

Where is the best place to buy hockey cards?

walmart has lots of hockey cards the mall .Try going to hockey

John Has 16 more baseball cards than football cards He aslo noticed that of the total he has three times as many baseball cards than football cards How many baseball card does he have?

What are you, a sixth grade text book? Next thing you know, you be walking me through it with confusing illustrations and explaining how the property of equality is used to simplify the equation. By the way, John has 24 baseball cards.