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What do you mean "what if"? What kind of answer are you looking for? I got hit in the eye with a Basketball when I was in pre-k. Rather, a boy kicked a basketball off of a stage and it hit me in the eye. I woke up on the floor and was then given an ice pack and here I am today.

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Q: What if you got hit in your eye with a basketball?
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What do you do when you have been hit in the eye?

It all depends on how hard you got hit in the eye. If its swelling ice it and if its not then leave it alone. DON'T TOUCH IT.

Who got hit in the eye at the battle of hastings?

Harold Godwineson

Why did Adam Sandler have a black eye at the peoples choice awards?

He got it from playing basketball with his friends

What is a term for swollen eyelid?

Pink eye maybe. Depends if you got hit and is swollen, or pink eye. Black eye maybe....

When shmuel has a black eye what does Bruno think happened?

he thinks he got hit

What is the red spot under Gerard Way's eye?

He got hit with a beer bottle

Which eye from Louis Braille got infected first?

I don't think anyone knows which eye it was, i can't find the exact answer. but i do know that it was the eye that was hit with the awl.

You got hit under your eye How do you treat it?

After you have been hit in or around your eye, the first thing you must do is try to prevent swelling. You can do this by taking an ibuprofen and putting an ice pack on the area.

What if you got hit in your eye with a snowball?

Yes. Virtually any projectile is capable of blinding pending on the part of the head you hit, the density and hardness of the object and the speed with which you throw it.

Did Harold Die because on off the Normans shot a arrow in his eye?

There are two legends that he got hit in the eye or pulled limb from limb

Where can you find a pic of when haroald bad luck got hit in the eye?

The Bayeux tapestry on google

Which are the reasons of Harold godwinson's death?

because he got hit in the eye with an arrow then stamped on by a horse